Generic controller refresh options needed

not sure if a bug or a feature-request:

I refer to this thread.
I use TOUCH OSC as a generic controller. At startup I need to get a refresh on all fader settings.
So I need to open GENERIC CONTROLLERS and open the MIDI-device again (screenshot) to refresh everything. Would be cool if eithere there would be a command for that I could trigger from my OSC-device or an OSC-command or an autom.refresh on project load.

The Generic Remote is dodgy at best. The fact that you linked to a post from 12 years ago says it all. I find that if I use Bome MIDI Translator Pro between my hardware and Cubase everything runs nice and smooth. Plus I would recommend getting BMTP just because it’s insane what you can do with it. I have plugged it many times on many forums because if anyone is serious about workflow and MIDI controllers they should get BMTP. Bit daunting to begin with but worth enduring the steep learning curve. Check it out!. And no, I don’t work for Bome or get free stuff.

Hi JBuck,
I already own BOMEs MTB but I guess you misunderstand the basic problem. Even BOME needs to interface with the generic controller section in Cubase.
Furthermore I already have a direct MIDI port from my TOUCH OSC to Cubase - no need for another interface inbetween in my case.

What I currently do is to build up a touch-screen surface for remote controlling VIEWS, MACROS, Faders etc. There is no other interface than the GENERIC CONTROLLER section where you assign all possible commands of Cubase to a MIDI controller.
It’s just about the FIRST REFRESH state where all midi faders f.e. pick up all current position states.

Okay, I missed the ‘fader’ bit. So is the MIDI device field blank at the opening of the project?. Or do you just need to reselect it from the dropdown menu?. May I suggest for the sake of speed, for now, using the mouse function in BMTP. Here is a video of how quickly BMTP can do this.

the video is no available (4)