GENERIC REMOTE: What does VST Mixer/Selected/Selected actually refer to?

Just reading through this thread, funnily enough I stumbled across this the other day, if it’s any use?

I had a look at the CC121 implementation too, and it’s using the same messages also. But with the new changes to MIDI remote I’m not going to dive into it too much until we see what v12 has.


Will give it a go…

Hey! Mixer > Device > Selected

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Is PERFECT (and simple)! Thanks

Doesnt seem to have that option?

You must do the little dance.

First set it as mixer > selected > selected, then change the first selected (2nd level) to device, and it will stick.

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Of course…I had a car like that once

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What’s interesting: this (very useful and probably unintended) quirk will scroll through 128 channels (inputs and outputs included) because of the MIDI CC values. Someone, years ago, in a thread were I picked up the trick had managed to use a NRPN to expand this to 1024 values, thus 1024 scrollable channels.

Whoa…thats a big stretch
Fortunately I have gone back to utter simplicity after doing a lot of graphic/photo work with Bokeh. I translated this to the aural realm and now Im flat out having more than 24 tracks. Even a drum kit (for our genre) is rarely more than 4 mcs (1 r88 in MS does a great job)
Thanks for the inf.

I agree. Not a fan of huge track counts either. But since there are people with 600 track templates, I just post the info so that someone might see.

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Good idea! I previously was into epic…but now it has to be able to be played live…constrained palette so much more powerful

I do find the scroll doesnt respect visible tracks…thats a little annoying

Good thing is now, 1 VPot can scroll tracks (and hopefully bypass), 2 VPot can scroll insert fx, hold down to scroll pages pages and so on…so fast…not sure why it wasnt done like that in the beginning

Yes, it just scrolls through the channel numbers(? you know those little numbers in each track).

To respect visibility, I think a regular next track/previous track would work? But how to assign that to a regular potentiometer? I had wrestled some Bome translator for this, but it wasn’t fluid.

Works respecting visibility (Command > Project > Select Track: Next/Select Track: Previous) with my AKAI mpd218 using inc/dec thanks to @cubic13. (It has endless potentiometers and can be mapped to send inc/dec.)

Ah yes that would be a good way to deal with it.
Live just has an argument in python ie for remote scripts

Thank you. That’s just what I needed!

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Yep that works but then I was working more from the mixer…which still doesnt seem to work;
I just used bome - CC Num_x: Data3 = 1 creates note, CC Num_x: Data 3 = 65 creates note + 1
ie left turn sends note 74, right sends 75 if you know what I mean

Ill have a look to see if it can respect hidden tracks in mixer view

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I see what you mean.

You can use the commands Navigate Left right in the mixconsole, after you’ve given focus, but that’s meh.

I usually tend to keep sync project and mixconsole visibility on, so what I see is what I get when it comes to using project: select next track.

Probably another command exclusively for channels is needed too.

Some of the more obscure entries in generic remote, I’ve presumed, are for return/transmit messages as much as their receive purpose.

Is it a case that Selected/Selected can be used to light up a control on hardware for some purpose?

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For scrolling through tracks, I use two separate Generic Remote entries, but it’s targeting the Project Window (and I also keep the Mixer and Project selection sync’d). It also seems to scroll past tracks that are invisible in the Project Window)

Command > Project > Select Track: Prev
Command > Project > Select Track: Next

Yep thats what I got too



I’m surprised to see “Relative” in your screen shot. As you can see in my screen capture, I don’t seem to need it.