Generic Remote window size - We're at V11 and this is still a thing?!

I’m sure it has been mentioned before, but I can’t quite believe we’re at V11 and the Generic Remote page, aside from being due a major overhaul, still cannot be resized.
The window can, but the content list itself will stubbornly not.

With people nowadays using multiple control surfaces, from iPads to Streamdecks to you name it, surely this can’t still be a thing?

Having done some programming back in the day, I’m aware that content resizing with a window can be as simple as setting a few flags in a UI properties setting, and knowing that the Nuendo programming team will be infinitely more talented and capable in that department than I’ll ever be, I assume this should be an easy fix for them? :slight_smile:

nuendo glitch

With the advent of control apps like Metagrid, the Generic Remote has suddenly became an essential feature.

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It would also be nice if all functions were accessible. I still miss most of the surround panner functions. Only L-R, F-R and Bottom-Top can be controlled from generic remote for example.

And another problem is assignation to Channel strip functions don’t follow if you change the order of processing .



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This is interesting. The original thread is almost a year old and locked. It’s great there is an ongoing development of MIDI control API, the question is when though. If it’s still many years away, could Steinberg at least fix the scaling issue with the Generic Remote window?

I’m a developer myself and we always fall down the same holes. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like far more work than it is to put things like this right. I’d love to go through the interface on our products and put everything straight, but there never seems time or enough feedback to revisit.

What’s worse is that people who exist in that testing chain will have succumbed to such idiocies many years ago and workaround/ignore the fact that they exist. Then, when pointed out publicly like this it’s a facepalm moment. Because yes, it’s such a simple change.

Just hope the new MIDI API has been worth waiting for. Not overly confident at this point I must admit, seems like something else that may be left to rot so hopefully they get everything in on day one. (Such as the ability to control high/low cut unlike the generic remote).