License management and the future of the eLicenser – changes ahead

Just to make sure you don’t miss this announcement:


Finally! Thank God!

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yeah, niiiiceeee :sunglasses:

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Being a dongle lover, I can just knock on wood :wink:


As long as it’s not a subscription plan this is very welcomed news. :+1:


Indeed, but i am holding my breath … :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Probably iLok & ILok cloud. Like VSL is going to do. The first one is a dongle, the second one requires permanent connected to the internet. I hope I’m wrong.


Great news!
Just hope its not a subscription service



This locks me in to Cubase longterm now. The dongle has always been my biggest bug-bear and made me consider options this past year due to using Cubase on different machines. …Can we have it tomorrow, please? :slight_smile:

In regards to subscription service, if that appears as an option (Not replacement!) to the current buying methods then 100% i think it would be a brilliant addition too.

Dongle-free and a new MIDI Remote API, can’t wait! :slight_smile:


Please allow 2 activations. (maybe 3, but 2 would do it for me at the moment)


No Dongle = no more money from me.
I surely don’t buy software where I have to rely on unlock codes or an activation server, especially from a company with such a bad customer service.


Thank you Steinberg for listening to your customers! If this will make Cubase users happy let it be.
But there are many other things that make cubase users happy like a “Scroll wheel free experience” inside the MIXER!

I don’t have 100,000$ console I bought Cubase for the mixer and its channel strip I can’t scroll this thing without the wheel messing the values why is this annoying behavior… The dongle never annoyed me…??? But this thing annoys every single second!


Right. In a way challenge/response (C/R) is almost worse than dongles.

To me the biggest disadvantage of dongles is if you have more than one computer and need to move the stick around. Other than that i never had a problem with it.


I am on the brink of dropping Cubase after 15 years, precisely because of this. Worse, is an announcement of an announcement. How long do we have to wait? 2 years?

If Steinberg has any sense of consideration for their customers they should be treated better, with more objective communication and not by throwing sand in our eyes.

“It’s too early to announce details on the schedule or the new environment”

This, to me, is insulting. It is a weak tactic to try and mitigate loss of customers, terrible customer service, and overall bad community sentiment.


Please leave Subscription out of this discussion. It has nothing to do with giving up the dongle and replacing it with another copy protection method.

Besides Steinberg said no to subscription because most people said it sucks (rightly imo) in their survey.


I’m afraid the majority of software will be going this way, if it hasn’t already. Very few pieces of software rely ‘only’ on a USB dongle. In fact, outside of industrial software i can’t think of many at all.

When you own a Macbook Pro with 2 USB ports, those two ports are normally pre-occupied with an external drive and audio interface. That’s a very objective reason for many users wanting to be dongle-free.

I don’t see users of Logic, Studio One and Ableton leaving the platform because they have to enter an unlock code, or login for an online activation at install - it’s just a non-issue, surely?


If this turns out to be Cloud based or with a permanent internet connection then im out . never thought i would say this but i will move to elsewhere . ive paid for Steinberg for the last 25 years and have never used any other Daw but i will go , sorry but this is bad news , pretty pissed off to be honest there’s nothing wrong with the dongle and have loads of licences with you don’t make me shut shop and move else where because if it is internet based then i will certainly be going


Yeah, please do not require a permanent internet connection. (Pest vs Cholera comes to mind)

Maybe look at Plugin Alliance how they do it.


I think you’ll find your sales with plummet until you make clear your path of a licencing procedure , i can’t see any of us that doesn’t want the internet based activation updating or upgrading until you have made it clear on the direction you are taking .