Get your EZdrummer and SD3 drum maps here!

Download from the attachment and enjoy :slight_smile:
Note: quantization value is set to 1/16

This is the list of all the included drum maps for Toontrack EZdrummer and Superior Drummer 3:

SD Superior Drummer 3
EZX Americana
EZX Big Rock Drums
EZX Claustrophobic
EZX Cocktail
EZX Dream Pop
EZX Drumkit from Hell
EZX Electronic
EZX EZdrummer 2 - Modern
EZX EZdrummer 2 - Vintage
EZX Funkmasters
EZX Hip-Hop!
EZX Indie Folk
EZX Jazz
EZX Latin Percussion
EZX Made of Metal
EZX Metal Machine
EZX Metal!
EZX Metalheads
EZX Nashville
EZX Number 1 Hits
EZX Pop!
EZX Pop-Rock
EZX Post-Rock
EZX Progressive
EZX Reggae
EZX Rock Solid
EZX Rock!
EZX Seventies Rock
EZX Southern Soul 60s
EZX Southern Soul 70s
EZX The Blues
EZX The Classic
EZX Traditional Country
EZX Twisted Kit
EZX Vintage Rock

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Toontrack Drum (222 KB)


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Updated the first post with drum map for Superior Drummer 3

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  1. This thread references “EZD”, does it work for EZD2 also?

  2. How do I actually use what’s in the attachment to wind up with a drum map in Cubase (I’m using EZD2 and Cubase 9.0.20)?

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I had the same question. Store them in a place that makes sense on your system.
Load them from the Functions popup in the upper left of the Drum Map Setup window. They are loaded per project.

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