Get your EZdrummer and SD3 drum maps here!


You can lookup “Drum Maps” in the online manual for a detailed explanation on how to use them. And the “green writing in the window” is simply a listing of included drum maps in the zip file you have to download. There’s no other purpose. :wink:

Kudos to @JohnFromEngland for providing the drum maps. Very useful indeed, thank you!

Ah, thank you, Panther!

I’ve seen some people do some sort of programming or something like that with the green writing in the window before, so I was thinking this was more of the same.

I’m OK with drum maps, I believe … at least I was last time I looked into them, but it has been a while.

Thanks again!

Thank you for all your hard work, top :slight_smile:

You’re welcome Alexis and good luck to you!

Thank you :slight_smile:

Nice job, thank you.
I see some alias are not appearing in some DM like Progressive one ie. Is it normal?

Added a donation link if you want to say thank you for my contributions. Thank you!

Thanks so much! You rock!!!

Really appreciate it, saved me hours of typing, thanks man!

Great Job!!
Thanks a lot!!

Hi! Thanks for this!

I just loaded the Nashville kit drum map, and some of the keys are removed from the keyroll? (f, f#, g#. a and a#) as you can see in the attached screen shot. When hitting those notes on my keyboard, I hear the sounds, but they doesnt get recorded. Any explanation why these notes (and hits) are missed? :S
drum map fråga.JPG

Hi! Thanks for your maps! I was hoping it would solve my issue but I must be missing something… I imported a very old project that was previously using HalionOne for drums I believe and just the GM map. I’m revamping these old projects with new instrumentation so I imported the tracks from the old project and applied your SD3 map - although the map labels the keys properly with the sounds played “live”, my imported tracks are all going to the wrong sounds. Like instead of getting kick drum, I’m hearing crash.

Was loading the map supposed to resolve this, or am I missing an extra step?? (we are talking about a song programmed a decade ago so maybe something has changed since then?)

Click the gree writing and paste it in “Notes”…

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Hi JohnFromEngland, a big thank you for sharing this. Best regards AndyFromGermany :smiley:

Awesome work!
Thank you for this!

Many thanks!

There is a need to be more exact with descriptions though. For Example in “Latin Percussion” there are some articulations with false names (D#4 woodblock 3 is to be Cajon, A#3 Maracas on beat - is shekere … and there are a couple more) as well as “Metal Machine” (D2 Cymbal 2 muted is Rack tom 1…). Maybe it’s just my particular case and something is wrong with my system, but still worth checking.

Hello Mate - If you do come across this kind of thing, perhaps you should rectify the naming and pst the results yourself. I am sure that the original poster would not mid (if it is accurate) and I KNOW a manyof people here would appreciate it. I’m in the middle of Progressive Metal and when I finish I will post it here. I just thought it odd you would make that comment - but not offer a solution.

No idea man, the names were extracted from included .pdf documentation. I just checked latin percussion drum map and the names are the same as they are written in .pdf manual for that library

Thanks so much from new cubase user here