Getting .ALL midi files to .MID

I have mounted a hard disk from a few years ago and found a valuable midi file. It has the .ALL extension. At one time all of them had this and I somehow got them exported at .MID and into Cubase 5 and 6. Anyone know how I can do this transformation.

Hi Krugpark -

If you haven’t already got it somewhere, download SX3 (free) and import your .all files.

We have gone thru this already.

No solution. Yet.

Is there a safe domain to download this?

Now that I know what to do, where do I downloaded Sx2 with no dongle needed?

Keres: Where did you download it from? I have it via the Steinberg with license # but can’t open it without
key code.

Please read:

It refers to Cubase 7 but the process is exactly the same for Cubase 6 and 5.

Still get the eLicenser message. I have my Cubase 6 on Snow Leopard registered already. What am I missing?

Unless you tell people what that message is, nobody here can help.

I can’t help with Mac, but as a possible workaround, if you could borrow even an old Windows laptop and install the downloadable SX3, the Cubase 6 license on your dongle will allow it to run so you can load the .ALL and save it as .CPR for transfer to Cubase 6. To get the files between systems, you could network them or, if the .ALL projects contain only MIDI parts, they’ll be very small and you could just zip them and email them to yourself.

How clear can I be. Sx3 opens to the point of protection and stops with the eLicenser prompt letting me know the program has no license. The license on my dongle, which I updated again yesterday is the proper one for my OS and programs.

:unamused: Contact Steinberg then. I’m not psychic.