Getting ALOT of these ntdll.dll Errors

Hi, I’m getting alot of crashes with this box. I suspect this has something to do with Kontakt7 not playing well, as I’ve been troubleshooting all weekend. I’m curious as to what this particular file refers to, since it doesn’t seem to be music related at all, anyone ever had this particular file referred in a popup like this? I am considering a fresh re-install of Windows 11 but I really don’t want to if it can be avoided!


Attach the mentioned *.dmp file(s), please.

Thanks Martin! A ticket was opened and I’ve sent the files off to tech support.

Would probably be better posting the dmp file here. At least in my experience, Steinberg tech support is completely useless. Hope it is more helpful for you though!

Its the backlog that gets created when you email into steinberg. Some will argue, they should have more staff but in all fairness, steinberg tech support is dynamic so having alot of staff during quite times is counter productive.

This is where posing in the forums becomes magic. You are likely got get an instant answer from someone in the forums compared to sending to steinberg and being stuck in a backlog of a new release.


This i believe is a system error which is not directly a Cubase problem. Run the sfc/scannow command elevated and restart your system. Try launching Cubase again. Same problem then i’d suggest doing an inplace install of windows. Do you know how to do this? I can give you step by step instructions if needed. and for the record doing this type of install will not loose you any files/programs.

Hope this helps.

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Hi Orlando64,
Getting similar issues with Minimal Audio Current.
See below post.

Maybe similar
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Did you try my suggestion?

Hi! Thanks for your suggestion. Yes i ran the elevated scan and it found no errors. What’s an inplace install of windows? Yes if you want to give me some steps I’ll consider doing it since a fresh re-install is already on my mind. Also, Native Instruments is currently investigating since Steinberg tech support told me it definitely looks like it’s coming from their plugin.

OK… Before you look at doing an in place Windows update have you tried to remove the NI plugins then running cubase? This well help a great deal in working out if this indeed is an NI problem or you have a corrupted OS.
Steinberg knows a great deal more than i do so im not suggesting they are wrong but the ntdll.dll is a Dynamic Link Library file, It is created by Windows in the System32 folder when the OS gets installed. This file can simultaneously serve different programs by providing them with different Kernel functions that support the performance of the program. In this case Cubase.
Normally you would fix this error by doing a system scan (sfc/scannow) but in your case this isnt working. At this point is where i would suggest doing an in-place install of windows, what you are effectivly doing is installing a new windows OS on top of your current windows OS whilst KEEPING all your programs /files in the same ways as you had them before had. IE nothing else changes on your system drive but the windows OS files. This will fix the ntdll.dll error by replacing the file.

Remove the NI plugins and try running cubase again and lets us know. If this doesnt work then we’ll look at an in-place install?

All the best!

Yup. An easy one was to remove Kontakt 7.vst3 from the VST3 folder being scanned at startup. Whenever it crashes on startup, it’s when Kontakt 7.vst3 is being initialized. (happens 50% of the time) Komplete Kontrol standalone also crashes sometimes when Kontakt is being called upon as a vst3 plugin.

So cubase runs without NI plugins?

ON the NI forums there were talks going on regards running different version of the NI standalone apps and plugins corrupting the NI preferences. Ie Kontakt standalone being a different verion to the Kontakt pluing. If i remember correclty the fix was to delete the NI prefrences for the app you were having problems with. and to make sure you were running the same plugin and app version?

Yeah, I did everything I could find on their forums. Opening a ticket with them was my last resort. And if I don’t hear back by the weekend, I think I’m going to do a Win 11 re-install. Surely a fresh system can’t hurt. I’ll give them a chance to get back to me…

dont believe you NEED to do a complete re-install. Search online for windows 11 inplace re-install keeping programs & Files. This does the same thing as a fresh install but it keeps all your programs, files and program preferences. If you have a problem with this report back and ill guide you through.

All the best