Getting sick of baseless threads attacking Steinberg

Q. Who would want to come to the lounge and post nonsense attacking steinberg over attacks from others yet not actually have a complaint themselves.

A. A troll

I hate to say this, but get use to it. It’s the norm around here. :frowning: They’ve really weeded the bad ones out. :wink:

Not sure it’s always an attack or a troll … though people do seem to perceive some of it that way. :wink:

I can only speak for myself (obviously) but I own Cubase and have for over 20 years. I literally have tons of old projects from the older VST formats right up to the Cubase 5 format. My main musical job now is mixing and I get projects in all kinds of Cubase versions. I do have to work in Cubase at times … at least for short periods of time if it’s just to convert projects to stems, I really have no choice. I also have some Steinberg content that I like (samples, loops, etc), some stuff that I bought from the Steinberg store that I can only access in Cubase… or Sequel, I also own Sequel 2.

I can’t speak for anyone else around here but I do have complaints about the software… though it doesn’t matter quite so much anymore. If I didn’t I’d probably still be using it full time.

It’s great software.

The attacks have always been part of the forum;you have to get used to it or use the blocked list or just stay away. Over the last 12 years I’ve stayed away a lot. I especially love the “bloat” tirades and the absurd idea that one user speaks for the 10’s of thousands that use the product. Its always something.

Welcome to internet forums, where:

  1. There is a degree of anonymity.
  2. There are almost no serious consequences to your posts.
  3. Most people have their opinion and it comes as quite a shock to them that someone differs from that opinion.

I agree. It drives me up the wall when someone says, “we need”, “we want”, etc. Or when they say that their idea or feature request would make Cubase better (for all? or just them?).

Another thing that bugs me is that some people think they need to exaggerate in order to be taken seriously. For example, calling a paid update, “extortion” (although this could just be pure ignorance of the definition) or saying that a particular bug or design flaw renders Cubase “unusable”.
My opinion, of course.

+1 for Jaslan’s points.

It can all be summed up like this:

The inability of Cubase to make my audio interface spew rainbows and unicorns is a poor design choice. The lack of this feature renders Cubase unusable…

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:

No, that would be impossible.

Please elaborate.

He’s saying, “No, that would be impossible that anyone else has a different opinion.”

Maybe if people didn’t take it all so personally it wouldn’t be such a big deal.

Again (“kids” aside, there’s always kids who exaggerate, as there are others who exaggerate others comments) the reason Cubase 6 has (for example) multitrack drum editing now is because people moaned about it for about 3-4 years … consistently. You may not need that unless you actually record or mix real drums but apparently some people really do need that. I recall the same kind of “moaning about the moaning” when that was on “the whiners list”. :laughing:

Relax a little. Try not to take it all so personally. :mrgreen:

In context, if I come here and say something like…

“Damn… I’ve been waiting 10 years to move mixer channels directly in the Cubase mixer. What do I have to do?”

It’s not a baseless attack. It’s a bump of a 10 year old practical request. “If” I were to do that… and I’m not doing that here, it’s just an example. Of course, someone would suggest that I actually said that I can’t make music without that… (or that I could have written a new song in the time I made this post :slight_smile:) … which would be a severe exaggeration of the comment.

Relax. It’s just the net. It doesn’t matter.

P.S. On the plus side, the Nuendo 5.5 “timed based demo” is really fantastic. I can use that for my transitional duties, with some of it’s additional features and only burn a few minutes of the demo clock each time (as long as I remember to close it afterward).

Thanks a bunch Steiny. I have quite a few hours of N5 demo time left. Nuendo is pretty sweet.

When you crash the (substantial) cash, you have a right to moan. Most of us are quite satisfied with what we’ve bought but there are others who’s opinion differs. Nature of the beastie. Steinberg know this, they know they can’t please all the people all the time, tis the nature of any business :sunglasses:

Can Tony move his frozen parts yet? :confused:

No, I saw a thread of his shortly after the 6.5 update reminding us about it, but the C6 forum has been moving so fast, I can’t find it.

You make a valid point here. But how is calling Cubase full of “bloat” a reasonable comment? Thats like a guy at the north pole buying a Ford and whining that the included air conditioner is “bloat”.Most of the user base around the world wants that feature. Why can’t posters say “I don’t want the basic tools that should be in a competitve recording program”. So tired of attacks on Steiny about updates, included synths and on and on.

Anyway I get your point: I should just Relax

Amen to that.

I still say that Cubase should be able to make my audio interface spew rainbows and unicorns.

You have to separate the wheat from the chaff. Consumer feedback is invaluable for fixing things and making improvements