Getting this error window duplication crash quite frequently

Cubase 12.0.60. But happened as well with previous versions, although maybe not as frequently.

What the h is this?

Crash dump file. This is occurring way too often, and according to the dialog message, it is a ‘serious problem’.
Cubase 64bit 2023.6.5 (2.1 MB)


The crash is in the Subsequent_37_Editor_VI_x64. Please, make sure the Moog plug-in is up to date. If it is, get in contact with the plug-in manufacturer, please.

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thank you, so helpful to know what is the apparent cause. I will direct my efforts there.

I think I’m getting a similar error on Cubase 11 -
Cubase 64bit 2023.6.5 (560.0 KB)
Initially triggered by trying to create an instance of the plugin Frequency which is native to Cubase - I’m now unable to activate the project, just greeted by the same error. Any tips?

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Update to the latest Cubase 11 version, please. I think it was Cubase 11.0.30.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply, but I’m not sure I quite understand, sorry. Could you explain what you mean in more detail? Thanks


You are using Cubase 11.0.10, but there is newer version 11.0.30 available. Download and install the latest update via Steinberg Download Assistant, please.

hi Martin,
I updated Subsequent37 Editor plugin, still having the error occur (EXCEPT - now the error dialog window does not duplicate endlessly, it’s just one dialog pop up window).

Can you please confirm whether it’s still Subsequent37 plugin that is the cause? If so, I will know to get in touch with Moog.

Also-- I have WinDbg, what do I need to type to see ‘Subsequent37’ as the cause? I clicked the suggested ‘!analyze -v’ but could not find any reference to a plugin.
Cubase 64bit 2023.6.9 (2.1 MB)

Actually, now I see next to MODULE_Name:

It says ‘Cubase12’. Unlike the previous crash file with said ‘Subsequent 37 Editor’ in that section.

So now it’s Cubase 12, is it more of a Steinberg issue that they need to investigate further?


This crash is in Cubase.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable Preferences], please? Or remove/rename all your Cubase versions preferences folders, please?

What steps you did before the crash, please?

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable Preferences], please? Or remove/rename all your Cubase versions preferences folders, please?

Is there any risk that carries?


No risk while disabling. If you start Cubase after, you get your old preferences again.

If you remove all Cubase preferences folder, you get the factory settings, so you lose all your custom settings. But you can copy it back anytime, if you want to.

I’m getting the same thing. I created a thread about it.

Ok, still not sure what Safe Mode would help apart from giving me limited use of Cubase. How would it help in trying to find the cause of the crash? Is there another step to be taken after starting in Safe Mode?


Sometimes something can get corrupted in the Cubase preferences what might cause a crash. By disabling the preferences temporarily we test of this is the case.

Hey, zoot. I remember that you had posted another one of these in December 22. At that time, I also encountered this, but in my case it was while using Direct Offline Process.

Are you using DOP at all in this project?

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I remember someone mentioning this, might have been you?

But no, I was not using DOP in this project.

I believe the cascading solitaire window crash was caused by a plugin (Subsequent37 Editor). Since I’ve updated this plugin I’ve not had this crash; but I did have a new crash which now simply points to ‘Cubase 12’ as the clue. (before this, the crash dump actually said ‘Subsequent37’ so I knew it was that plugin)

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Could you please add more detail when does the crash happens? What did you do before?

I will keep an eye out for this. I don’t remember what I did.