Ghost Channels in editors

The feature, as it is called in FL “Ghost Channels” which can bring in the midi notes as a background in editors.
It would be extremely helpful for quick creations, exact note positioning and harmonizing across multiple tracks!

Perhaps with a select as Ghost Track Reference drop down or select box that would then display the selected track (or multiple selected track) midi note contents as an uneditable “ghost” background in the midi key editor/piano roll of the track you are editing.

which we already have

We have an UNEDITABLE background?
No, we can edit the background notes with a miss-click which is a big pain the ass.
Then just a switch/button for making them uneditable?

Yes, just push the little button next to the list drop down and only the active track is editable. You can even filter edit across the opened tracks … which is VERY powerful.

Well how bout that!? LOL
Yes that little black stack of whatever on the button does do exactly what I want.
All these years and it’s been right there?!..
Sad to admit that I’ve always seen it as just part of the part select drop down never as an independant switch button.

So the next suggestion then is just for GUI design …
Separate the button from the drop down! :slight_smile:

Much Thanks JMC!



I spoke too soon!!

Even with the button selected to “Edit Active Part Only” it still allows for editing the background notes!
So it gives me the ability to only group select but not individual.

Oh well…
Back to my First suggestion then.

What do you think happens when you have two equal duration notes on top of each other in different tracks with different instruments and you try to edit it this way?

It should only edit the selected midi track. I use this constantly


but doesn’t!
(I’m on Cpro8, haven’t tried on 7.5 yet)

Does :slight_smile:

I guess I’ll have to make a video…
I have it open in another window and I’m trying it right now… it does NOT edit ONLY the active!
You can still click the background notes and they become active.

The ability to edit should be locked to my drop menu selection when the edit only button is active.

Just tried it in my 7.5.30 and it is the exact same result.
Even with edit only active selected in the menu you can still click the background notes and the active part changes.

As I said initially, I would like to have them uneditable (especially when I select the button to edit only active).

If you drag select it will edit all notes, if you click select, it will edit the active layer. Yes I think in this situation I have, in the past, had to temporarily shift move a note up/down to access the lower note.

I understand what you’re saying (I think), I don’t use this feature too much anymore, but in my experience, you need to slow down a bit and be careful what you’re selecting.

Unless, we’re doing it wrong, it is a valid request imo

Ah, if you click on one of the events of the other ghosted tracks, it will bring it forward and move the track you were working on to a ghost track. There’s a way to avoid that, but can’t recall it off the top of my head. Also, I LIKE being able to rotate the active track directly. I’d be pissed if I couldn’t. I suppose it’s possible the ability to turn that behavior off doesn’t exist anymore. But, check some of the prefs options for the MIDI editor.

So, to clarify a bit …

The Key Editor does have an Edit Active part only function.
You don’t like the fact that the editor area gives you the ability to change the Active part.

Yeah, that echoes my sentiment.

It would be useful… for stacking drums, etc. to actually be able to drag and move around freely without access to the other events.

But I also see your point, that when (or if) I cannot access other event layers quickly, I would be quizzed as well LOL.

That’s just it, you can … Once you have selected items in the active window, you can move them around without impacting the other ones. It’s only the click on a ghost note the brings the other event up.

:laughing: yeah that’s what I mean! I only want the ghost notes there as a reference. Just so that I can speed up a bit without worrying about accidental clicks.

In Adobe Illustrator we can lock the layer below and ghost it, and use the ghost layer as a guide. Click and move things around without touching anything unwanted.

The Score Editor we have five lockable layers. They could migrate something similar to the Key Editor where we could check which open layers we want to edit and lock the rest.

There is another way for a solution to this issue .It is using the copy and paste function .Like you would if you were copying a midi tack to a new measure point in the song .You simply select the midi track .Click copy .With the line set back to the start point in the song .Click on the empty midi of the second instrument and click paste .The notes from your initial midi will be copied down rather across the project window .

I’m wondering about this also. I’ve tried everything and it doesn’t seem to work. Bummer.