Ghost Files Bug

Cubase seems to be creating a new Untitled file everytime I save a project. See Picture.

These are folders not files and this is how a project folder would be saved if you created new project folders for each new project but didn’t change the default “Untitled” folder name to something else. Like the project name.

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Yeah sorry I meant folders. Why would Cubase create 30 empty folders for a project that already has a name and a corresponding folder without prompting me to name the project?.

Weird one for sure…

A few thoughts/questions that may trigger something helpful.

  • Is this happening just for this one particular project? If yes, I would perform a “Backup Project” and save the whole project to a new folder and see if this behavior continues.
  • When saving your project, do you use the mouse and hit File>Save or do you use the keyboard keys? Maybe you are hitting the wrong keys or maybe the keyboard keys somehow got remapped and you are actually doing a different save function.
  • You say that the many untitled folders are empty. So are your project changes actually being saved somewhere? What is the title of that folder?
  • Something to do with “Autosave”? Maybe.
  • Was this particular project created with a different template that somehow was created to save to an untitled folder?

Again, I don’t have a direct answer for your issue but I hope that these questions will start a corrective action. Good luck. :wink:

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The folders, I have just realised, are being created when I open an existing project or create a new project.

I just created a new project in Cubase to check my Autosave settings which are not activated and are set to the default 15 minutes, 10 file limit. Then I ventured over to my project folders to see that a new Untitled folder had just been created. So I closed Cubase, re started and chose to create a new project with a factory template, Acoustic guitar and Vocal, again it has created a new Untitled folder at the exact time I created the project. :confused:

No idea about why a new folder would be created by just opening an existing project but, I do suspect that it does have something to do with creating projects with a default Cubase template.

I would create a new user template from an existing Cubase template to ensure future projects are not being directed to the same “Untitled Folder” and the possibility of one humongous project pool that is shared by many projects.

If you think the applies, here is what I suggest do to create your own template…

  • Make sure that you have the “Prompt for Project Location” option chosen in the project assistant section of the Steinberg Hub.
  • Choose a Cubase template, hit “Create”, browse to where you want to save your project folder and then choose “New Folder” and name that folder appropriately (most likely, the name of the template) and hit “OK”.
  • Immediately after the project opens I would save the project with the same name previously used as the folder.
  • Then I would use the “Backup Project” function and browse to where you want to save your project folder and then choose “New Folder” and name that folder appropriately (most likely, the name of the template) and hit “OK”.
  • Immediately after that project opens I would save the project with the same name previously used as the folder.
  • Then I would make all the changes I would want to have in my own new template in this project. This includes going to the audio pool and deleting all audio from it (delete the audio, not just remove it from the pool).
  • Save the project when you complete you changes.
  • Now use the “Save as template” function and save your new user template. Close all projects.

I would use this template when creating new projects. It will be available in the “More” section of the project assistant. Make sure that you always have the “Prompt for Project Location” option clicked and create a new folder for each new project.

So try creating a new project (in it’s own new folder) using your new template and see if you are still getting the untitled folders.

Let us know if this fixes your issue. Good luck.

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Yup! that worked. If I have ‘Use default location’ checked it creates the Untitled folder, but with the Prompt for location checked it doesn’t.
Strange that it would be using default location on an existing project and strange that it wasn’t saving any files in it when I saved my project. This issue only just started happening. Around about the time I updated from 9.5.4 to 9.5.5

Thanks for the help :smiley:

Glad it seems to be sorted. :wink:

However, I will reiterate that it may be possible that creating projects using a Cubase template may also put all audio from the different projects created from that same template into one audio pool.

You should check this to ensure each project has it’s own audio pool saved with it’s own project saved in it’s own folder.

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I am mostly working with Instrument tracks but will be sure to check on that. So that almost sounds like a bug putting all audio from every project that is created using the same Cubase template in the same audio pool. Concerning :frowning:
Thanks Again. :slight_smile:

It wouldn’t be considered a “bug” because there is no malfunction and, there might be a use for this behavior that I’m not aware of. I suppose it could be considered an area for improvement though. :wink:

Regardless… I haven’t used any of the templates included with Cubase in a long time. And, any that I may have used have long since been revised to fit my needs and are now saved as my own templates. So I don’t know if they still do what I describe to the audio or not. I just wanted to mention this possible behavior to you as an awareness thing.

I’m sure that many CB users at some point will create a template from one of their own projects. And, if you don’t go through a convoluted procedure like I mentioned above, you will end up with a template that saves audio to one huge shared pool. Not good. This is why I continue to submit this feature request when each new version of CB is released…

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