GitHub repository for user scripts

Hi Coders,

I’ve just setup a GitHub repository. Feel free to move there with your scripts development.

Here’s how to proceed:

  1. Make a fork of steinbergmedia/midiremote-userscripts
  2. Rename your existing …/Driver Scripts/Local folder to something else (like Local_backup)
  3. Create a new empty folder Local to replace it
  4. Clone your forked repository inside the newly created empty Local folder
  5. Copy your existing scripts from within the Local_backup folder into the Local folder
  6. Still use the parent folder of Local, the Drive Scripts folder, as the workspace folder in Visual Studio Code
  7. Make commits/pushes to your forked repo
  8. Make pull request to the upstream repo (steinbergmedia/midiremote-userscripts)

:exclamation: And do regular “fetch and merge” from the upstream repo (steinbergmedia/midiremote-userscripts)


Might be a good idea to put the documentation there? (the part that gets installed with Cubase, I mean).

And it might be also useful to put this part into the readme on GitHub.

I already did that :partying_face:


Yeah, of course! Missed that on my phone :metal:t2:

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I want to put my code there. I have an issue right now where the transpiled js from the Typescript has to be edited. I don’t want anyone using the code to have to do that if they want to edit the Typescript. It’s made to easily make one’s own layout for a Lunch Control XL without having to dig into the Hex for that device, or do the button layout. You can just specify what you want each encoder to do. I want anyone who uses it to be able to just write the pages they want, and it will transpile with MS Code without digging in to a special transpliler.

Is there a way to write the correct “import” statement in TypeScript. Also you earlier had seen my tsconfig.json and suggested it wasn’t correct. What would a basic tsconfig.json file look like for TypesScript?


Hi @oqion, TypeScript is not intended as a programming language for MIDI Remote. I’d still be interested in what you’re doing there. Please send me a zip file with an example. Thanks!

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how to include in background an image ?

EDIT: Never mind. Assertion based on ignorance.

@Jochen_Trappe I think I found a missing command line command in the

That command says:

“code” ----> run the “code” command
“.” ------> pass as the first and only parameter, “the current directory” to the “code” command.

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I didn’t want this question to get lost. How does one include a background image ?

:person_facepalming: My bad.
It looked like a default text from using “<code>” tags and despite a few tries over the years, I could never get into Visual Studio.
Thanks for setting me straight!

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I’m not aware this would be possible. Sorry.

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It’s not possible. And will never be. For good reason, sorry!


How we can see under the mapping of Akai MK III the image of it so ?


Could you attach the screenshot, please?

There is no background image. The MPK is graphically fully represented by MIDI Remote objects.

I didn’t see a keyboard in the objects … ?