Give "Always On Top" option to ALL windows

Hey, many windows have an option called “always on top” which doesn’t necessarily put them always on top, but it does make sure they don’t stay caught behind other windows which might have a higher priority.

Anyway, I pretty much select this option for all my windows. If I open a new plugin or window, I’d like it to show up somewhere.

But there are some windows that do not get this option. I just was using the media pool window and was frustrated as it kept getting lost behind other windows and I couldn’t find it. So it would be great if the “always on top” function could be applied more universally.

**ALSO, it would awesome to have either this setting or a different setting which keeps the windows on top even when you click on the desktop or other windows/folders. This would make it nice for dragging/dropping files into certain plugins.


All of Cubase’s windows should have this user preference as an option.

Regards :sunglasses:

general a better windows management would be great!

Thanks guys. Yeah, I totally agree!

Still valid.
It’s really annoying that you can’t make the Pool window stay on top.
Tbh the Pool window needs a serious overhaul all over.

+1, for me it would be great especially with editor windows (i.e. “open editor in new window” function for key editor, list editor, etc.)