Gliss from tied note

For some reason I can’t make a gliss from a tied note. When I try to do it, Dorico either makes the space for it, but the line doesn’t show up, or puts the gliss between the tied notes (which is weird). I tried to add the tie after, but then the gliss line disappears. What am I doing wrong?

I think someone suggested making the “tied-to” note a different voice and then manually clicking/ctrl-clicking the notes respectively. You should then be able to begin the gliss on the “tied-to” note.


Weird - I just tried reproducing Derrek’s example above and it worked fine, just in the default single voice. Sometimes I need to use Force Duration if I want a gliss to start halfway through a bar, but that also works.


I’m having the same issues. Tied notes across barlines do not gliss to the following note. In my example, I’m glissing from a note, then back to the original, and when I add in the 2nd gliss marking, I see that the original is attached to the first note of the tied group.

Use different voices for the second note of the tied pair.


Anton, when you create the gliss - are both notes selected? Both the F# and the F? I can reproduce your problem if I only select the F#, but it behaves exactly as expected if I select both.

dannenmoller, I’ve had the experience you mentioned when you say that it makes space for it without drawing in the graphic. It seems that while in Galley View this might happen. You might want to check this out:

Thank you everyone, will look into your answers!