Glissando and Portamento for String, Brass and other instruments?

Hello, I am music professional and new addition to this forum. Dorico 3.5 Pro is amazing and jampacked tool, however I’m confused of why Dorico 3.5 Pro does not provide playback for core based glissando and portamento techniques. I reviewed posts in this forum from as far 2017 and only sensible information is that will be added in the future. Could you provide some realistic timeline of when we can expect this feature to be added .
Thank you

There has indeed been a lot of discussion about this here. I for one would dearly like it. I have a string quartet with dozens of pages of glissandi which are crucial to the texture, and it means that the otherwise superb audio rendering is completely useless, which is very disappointing.

Yes, I buy the arguments that it is technically difficult, and you have string portamento, piano glissandi, harp, trombone and so on and so forth. Maybe Steinberg could ask Yamaha for an injection of funds to implement this important aspect. :slight_smile:

I don’t think Dorico will give you timelines for development, that’s not really reasonable. As mere mortals, we can only hope!

As you have discovered, this has been requested on numerous occasions. I will be very disappointed if this is not in the next release, but as Andro just said, “we can only hope!”

Thanks for reply. I think that incorporating glissando and portamento will require only some time for implementation into the source code. Dorico has already a full midi editor including pitch bend controls that are necessary to work correctly with both techniques. As you mentioned audio renders are useless, thou prints are awesome.

I agree, otherwise is like driving a luxury car without tires on the rims.

Playback is important for many Dorico users, but the requirements are very different:

  • gliss./port. playback
  • ornaments playback (baroque/renaissance)
  • Jazz ornaments
  • fermatas, caesuras and breath marks
  • playback of repeats, e.g. 2nd time only
  • playback of all kinds of third party VST Instruments
  • playback configuration between flows

Everyone has got one or more points, who are essential for him (or her). I doubt, that Daniel or someone else from the team will answer your question about the timeline, but I am very sure, that there will be playback improvements in the next version, as this was the case with every version since the beginning of time.

True. The guys are working very hard to get Dorico up to speed and doing it a smart, pragmatic way. The playback overhaul should be done after all necessary features are in place. This way they will accomplish stable product.