Global Custom Chord Symbol Appearance

So I am using Dorico Pro 3 (Mac) and just getting my feet wet. I just finished my first project and have learned a lot. But one feature that has eluded me is the ability to customize the chord symbol appearance - at a default level for new projects - for all chords of the same type (I am not referring to the many chord options you can click on in the Engraving Options / Chord Symbols page; but instead the more detailed “Project Default Appearance” section). I have gone into Engraving Options / Chord Symbols / Project Default Appearance, and customized the design, sizing, element offset, scaling etc. for all chords defined based upon a specific root-note. For example, if I customize the appearance of a Dmi9 chord, I can apply it to all Dmi9 chords in a project. But if I want the same appearance to apply to an Emi9 chord, I have to design that appearance separately. Furthermore, I have to repeat this process for every new project.

What I want to do is create a custom appearance for all --mi9 chords; or all --7b9 chords, etc. and be able to reuse those chord symbol appearances for any new project I choose. Is this possible in Dorico 3? With Finale, I was able to create custom chord libraries that preserved all aspects of the appearance for any chord type, regardless of the root note; and use those libraries in new projects. If anybody has a method, I’d appreciate it.

Try to see it

When you edit the specific chord in Engrave Mode, you are editing that one specific individual instance. When you edit in Project Default Appearances, you are editing that one specific root/quality combination. For a global change, when you are in the Project Default Appearances window, don’t edit it there, but select the suffix and hit the Edit Component pencil underneath the symbol. That will take you to the Edit Chord Symbol Component editing window which will allow you to edit the actual suffix, so any changes will be reflected anywhere that suffix appears.

There’s no way to export a chord library like Finale. I keep a sort of “master default” file which I continuously update with any modifications and usually start from that default. If you start with a default file that already contains all your edits you won’t need to make them on each file.

Thanks, Fred, I’ll give that a shot. It sounds like I will need to create a custom “template” with my chord suffix appearance mods to start every new project. And perhaps a set of templates for different instrumentations.