Go to next or previous Rehearsal Mark

I did make a request on the forum to have Rehearsal Marks as objects which you could use to navigate a large chart and lo and behold I noticed that it was possible (as yet on the iPad only) to assign a key command to invoke a Go to Rehearsal Mark x dialog.

I don’t flatter myself that Dorico developers reacted within those few days to my request but I was pleased that they had seen the need for it too.

My specific feature request is that I can assign key commands to Go To Next and Previous Rehearsal Mark.

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For now, with a rehearsal mark selected, pressing Left and Right arrow keys navigates to the previous and next rehearsal marks respectively.

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That’s good @Lillie_Harris … once you’ve found your nearest Rehearsal Mark.

And now the Jump Bar in Big Dorico 4 ! Just the job !

Also the new go to rehearsal mark function :slight_smile:

Hi Lillie! I’m finding that assigning a key command to Go To Rehearsal Mark is not working … any ideas why not? I don’t have problems with any other assigned shortcuts.

I’ve just checked this myself, and it works fine. What shortcut have you tried to assign? Have you tried assigning a different shortcut?