Good day all

I am not new to Cubase but new to the forum so a big Hi to all.


G’day :slight_smile: !

Well hello :slight_smile:

Hello everyone, thanks for the warm welcome.

Onto business…

I made a post in the C7 forum (do not yet have C8):

I hope this doesn’t constitute cross-posting because this to me is rather frustrating as a mix engineer, as previously I was working as a song writer (if I do say so myself) so any help in that thread would be awesome.

Greetings one and all

Hi there audioguy! Welcome to the forum.

Aloha a,

And welcome to the board. E’ Komo Mai’!

Welcome audioguy!

Rule no. 1 always be nice to mods :slight_smile:

You have my thanks


But whatever floats your boat;)

Edit: either you are a nice guy or not.

You’ve been expected … mwahahaHAHA! :smiling_imp:

Welcome… :sunglasses:

Ah, i see clearly now the shoe is clean:p

Thanks everyone for the warmest of welcomes