Got The Steinboot on the Cubase 6 upgrade?

hi there everyone.

did anybody else get the steinboot on a cubase 6 upgrade?
i’m 4 weeks !!! off their “grace period” and they declined to give me the upgrade.
i can graciously purchase it for $150 bucks.
are u 4 real fools?
where was the annoucement of cubase 6 on the website?
where was the information for the consumer to make an INFORMED decision?
anyone who bought cubase 5 late last year,
wouldn’t you have waited a couple more weeks had you known?
had you known they screw you like that?
i’d like to get some feedback from other people affected by this flower move.
i’m thinking about contact the BBB and find out their take on things.
the more people involved,the better for any one in the same position as me.
i can’t be the only one(although mama always told me so).

they wrote ,that they trust that i will upgrade @ full price and continue to be a good stupid

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So what exactly is your problem?

the problem is i spend my good money on a discontinued product.
i bought cubase5 on 10/27/10 new.
couple weeks later,they release 6.
like i mentioned before i did some research about a new version at the time to avoid exactly this situation,
like contacting customer support.
did they advise me? NO !!!
and now there telling me because i bought before 12.1.10 that i’m not eligeble for the free upgrade,
i can purchase it for $150.
can u see the problem now?
what do you think about customer treatment like that?
come back for more?

and just to top it off they moved my posting into a different category.

well,message received

Think of it this way. No matter WHEN the cutoff date for “grace period updates” is, SOMEONE will have an experience of missing out. So, if they shift it 4 weeks back for you, some new person will miss out by 4 weeks (instead of 8 now) and feel like THEY should be “taken care of”

Your argument doesn’t hold water I’m afraid as far as I can see. This is a “GRACE” period free upgrade. SB doesn’t have to do it. And you don’t have to upgrade. They are all choices, and just part of life.


Clearly they need to pro-rate the upgrade cost starting at $150 six months ago reaching $0 at four weeks out. :wink:

I like that. I think I’ll put that in my sig. thanks!

my dear friend.
choices are based on information that you have.
had steinberg been open about release dates,don’t you think people would hold back and wait
a couple weeks?
4 or 8 weeks is not the point.
what matters how you treat people that hopefully keep you in business.
don’t you think by not giving customers the information they need to make informed decisions,
i.e when new s…t comes out,they are taking away your choice?
maybe you don’t care because you have enough money to buy the toys whenever you want them.
don’t work for every one.
and i don’t know how long you’ve been around,but in the old days they gave you minimum 6 month.
as their so called product usually takes another 2-3 upgrades before it’s halfway reliable anyway.
if you feel good about paying money everytime they come up with some new half baked,unfinished
release,then i’d say you’re a great consumer.
corporations love people like you.

i manufacture custom air guitars.
can i put you down for a dozen?

hi raino.

at last someone with a brain.
i know it’s all business,but bs is bs.

Aren’t we talking about considerably more than just a couple of weeks?

I read that Steinberg had a major NAMM announcement in early December. To be fair, I assumed it was regarding a new version of Cubase, but it WAS a guess. I also note that the grace period extends back to approximately that time.

Believe me, I understand your frustration. It would be nice if there were some sort of pro-rated scheme utilized for upgrades (numerous other products do this). But at some point there must be a cutoff date, and that cutoff date will always be somewhat arbitrary.

so,in late october of 2010 people at steinberg customer support
had no idea that cubase 6 was a few weeks from release,
when they advised me to purchase the “new” cubase 5?
makes sense,how could they?
that is the point.
a pro rate would be fair,i agree with that.
but still:looking at the new features and what not,it’s still cubase 5 in a new box with different color.
basically another bugfix release.

it’s like selling ocean front real estate during low tide.

anyone who got the same treatment can contact me,
as i have a laywer checking for consumer protection violations.
we’ll see how they answer to an official inquiry.

i have no beef with anyone on here,
exept that dummkopf with the life is full of choices reply.
his choice should have been to keep his intellegence devoid remarks to himself.

This sort of thing happens all the time to me, if I buy a piece of gear I can almost guarantee that next week the price will drop, you just have to bite the bullet sometime and buy what you want, I bought Ableton live a couple of years ago, two weeks later they were offering a free sampler to new buyers, just one of those things.

If Steinberg released 5.0 around two years ago and I reeeeeaaaaaaly wanted to buy 6.0 at the best possible price I’d wait it out since new software are directly or indirectly announced and you can almost always just wait for the new product to pop up ready to be purchased, and buy the old one and then upgrade.

DAW software are mostly (except REAPER) released once or twice a year, right? Buying a software version that’s almost two years old is … not a good idea. If you really wanted to start cubasing and get the work flow under your finger tips you could always had bought a smaller version in the meantime. Then you upgrade that and you haven’t lost the money spent on the small version. But two years is a dead zone to by software in if you care for the price!

Come to think of it, this is exactly what I did. I waited and waited until C4 was released, since the rumors were flying that a new version was about to be released, so I waited for “SX4” hehe. The day arrived and then I ordered SX3 as fast as I could, and one week later there was no SX3 where I bought it. :open_mouth: Then I upgraded to C4 for a small amount :sunglasses: not free though …

I bet it’s frustrating to see the $$$ fly out through the window, no doubt! :confused: OTOH you can probably have the same bad experience no matter from what software company you buy it from. They just have to set a start and a stop date somewhere? There is a right time and there is a wrong time for buying software.

Thats the way I did it this time :slight_smile:
I downloaded the C5 demo with upgrades etc just a week or 2 before C6 was released.
I then bought C6 last week (the upgrade price from C4 to C6 was the same as from C5 to C6)
Now C5 is no longer a demo licence. So I got 2 upgrades for the price of one
I’m very pleased so far; C5 is certified to work to work with winxp and C6 sets the path forward for me, although it sure looks like C6 works like a charm on winxp too although it is not supported.

Kim :ugeek:

I think you’d be surprised how often things like that happen, where the sales dept/support dept has no clue what the design dept/marketing dept is up to. It can also just be a case of the company wanting to sell off its remaining stock of C5 – if they told you C6 was around the corner they couldn’t have “hooked” you with C5!

Happens all the time in the auto industry, particularly with rebates. A person will buy a brand new car and then a few days later the manufacturer announces rebates on the exact same model. The buyer is then pissed because the rebate is never retroactive… and the dealer is caught in the middle because the manufacturer never tells ANYBODY when they’re going to either start OR end rebates on any given vehicle

just because everyone does it,doesn’t make it right.

i’m pissed,because i didn’t want to purchase a discontinued product .
and i tried to avoid all that jazz by research beforehand.
a respectable company should not pull the wool over your head.
if they are interested to stay in business.
steinberg been around for over 20 years,i know because i’ve been buying their"youknowwhat"
since then (never again).
the more i’m surprised (i really shouldn’t) by their take the money and run attitude.

also a 20 people company where the right hand doesn’t know about the left?
what is this?
the office ???
don’t make excusses for them,
i can’t believe the “that is how it is” attitude.
that is why we get treated like that,they know they can !!!

anyway,we’ll see what answer they have for legal council.

Of course not.

don’t make excusses for them,
i can’t believe the “that is how it is” attitude.
that is why we get treated like that,they know they can !!!

I didn’t make any “excuses” for them… nor expressed any “that is how it is” attitude. I even said I understood your irritation.

You might try reading a bit more carefully before casting aspersions. Just a suggestion.

Huh? :open_mouth: Brilliant! :laughing:

Don’t forget to tell us what happened, and good luck!

OTOH if you already have “youknowwhat” why not just upgrade?

Of course that’s YOUR call, but I’m pretty confident it’ll get nowhere. First, they’ve done nothing illegal. Because of this, it’s unlikely that a lawyer will touch it. Equally, the material damages won’t exceed the amount of your purchase, and there certainly aren’t any punitive damages that would accrue, so no lawyer will handle the case “on spec”. In the case you actually could find a lawyer, you’ll be facing a retainer, legal fees, AND at least some court costs… the sum of which will certainly exceed whatever you paid for the product.

I didn’t notice where you live, but you probably have some version of what we over here call “Small Claims Court” which is where a complaint like yours would be filed (you can also complain your state’s Atty General office, but in my experience they won’t do anything about it). I’m not sure a judge (here in the States) has the power to order them to provide you with a free update, just monetary damages. A judgment in Small Claims also won’t exceed the price of the product, and the company will typically take as long as possible to pay the claim. I doubt they’d even appear in court to answer the charges.

I think your best recourse is what you’re doing right now – complaining in a place that might – I say MIGHT – make Steinberg take notice. It might also help you locate other people in the same boat that would be willing to join your mission and sign a letter to corporate about this policy. I’ve sent a number of letters over the years to various companies that had what I considered stupid or unfair policies, and almost always got a personal reply from someone at the company. Can’t say it ever changed anything, but if enough people raise the issue with them, you might have a chance. Good luck!

yeah,that’s why i posted here.
to connect with others who got f…ed.
i’m sure i’m not the only who feels that way.
about the lawyer - got that covered. (2 in my family)
no sweat.

but thanks for your insights.
u know what i’m talking about,you been there.
again i would accept it as my “choice”,had i not tried to find out before i bought.
they give you 3 months after their annoucement of c6,but only one backwards?
how about 3 before and 3 after,like they used to do not to long ago.
it’s not like they never did that before.
it’s the opposite,that’s the way it used to be few years back !!!
anyone else remember??
i don’t think i’m asking the impossible.

Hopefully you didn’t just buy an iPad. :slight_smile: