Grace note input issue

Hi! I’ve got in issue with grace notes. I want to add 3 grace notes together on the drumkit, with each being on a different drum - snare to tom1 to tom3 ending on a bass drum normal note. I can get it to add the grace notes correctly on the snare line, but as soon as I try to add it on different notes it shifts everything to be a chord instead. I’ve checked that I don’t have chord input on!

Any help would be appreciated.

This seems to be the same problem as a discussion I was involved in a year ago.

As Lillie explained there, it is a known limitation. I somehow managed to work out a way to achieve it, but it was inconsistent and unreliable. You might or might not be able to get the result you want depending on the exact notation you are trying to achieve and whether or not you are just plain lucky.

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I do hope it’s something they can attempt to fix. If the desired result can be achieved at least sometimes using your trick, plausibly there is a way to make it more reliable

Ah. Ok, at least I’m not doing anything wrong. I understand from a programming perspective they’ve separated each note as being a different instrument, instead of having the drums being a single instrument and triggering different sounds per note. I suspect that’s why it happens. It’s a shame as the fill I want to write is is such a common drum thing to do.

I’ll try the work around or export xml and use a competitor’s program on my wife’s machine.

If you switch view in Layout Options ->Players->Percussion to single-line instruments and use m and n to cross/move the notes to other staves. Then switch back to 5-line staff again it works. At least for me.