Grace notes vs. barline: simultaneously before and after

In Cello 2, I want the grace note to come after the barline, but I can’t figure out how. I set the nachschlag in Cello 4 to be before the barline, and Dorico is making all grace notes there behave the same way, even though they have a completely different purpose. The Properties panel is not helping.

I tried to manually move the grace note to the right in Engrave mode, but it’s currently sitting at the end of a system, and putting it after the barline would mean moving it to the following system, which doesn’t happen. Is there a solution?

Thanks, Dan. I read through this thread, but I think my case is different, as the grace notes are on different staves. I might be missing something obvious, but I still don’t see how to make it work!

I can think of a workaround involving making that grace note a “real” note, using a hidden tuplet, and changing the note to cue size. It’s gross, but it would work. Realistic playback would require a little tweaking.

Not so bad, actually.

Great idea, thanks!

I’m hoping in future versions we’ll be able to set “before” or “after” individually in different staves.


This problem has already been mentioned in Dec. 2019. Is there any news about an update in which this will be covered?

In a word: no. The development team will undoubtedly get to it when they get to it, and I’d wager they’ll not advertise it as fixed until it’s either been implemented in development builds or is actually released.

Nice solution, Dankreider, and easy to implement ;-). And in doing so I discovered Dorico allows for the unusual 2:1 tuplet!