Grace period eligibility

Hello. According to Cubase 10 page: “Customers who have activated an earlier Cubase version since October 15, 2018, are eligible for a free, downloadable Grace Period update to Cubase 10.” As I understand, If I activate a previous version of Cubase after Oct 15, I get a free upgrade, is that right?
I activated my Cubase Elements 9.5 license on October 17th, but when I check my Soft-eLicenser number it says that there’s no grace period update available. Is there any way to get the upgrade or I missed a couple days?

UPD: It seems I actually purchased and activated it on Oct 15th, but then reinstalled Windows and reactivated it. Does it mean I’m not eligible for an upgrade?


The very 1st Cubase activation should be taken in account. From my point of view, you should be eligible for the upgrade.

Thank you for the answer. I submitted a ticket to a distributor in my country, it is Yamaha Music branch in Russia, but it seems they work only with equipment and instruments. If they are not able to answer my ticket, are there any other ways to get support?


You can send a ticket to the official Steinberg support via your MySteinberg account.

They will help directly if they can (that means: if they have the means to access all the info) or ask us to take over :slight_smile:

I bought and registered a pro 9.5 update. Wondering if I activate it now, am I

  1. activating pro 10 or
  2. registering pro 10, and activating pro 9.5?

Thanks a lot.


You are activating 1 license only, Cubase 10 in this case. But with Cubase 10 license you can start Cubase 9.5 too.

If you bought a pro 9.5 update license and have an earlier license to updatee from, then you also activate a pro 9.5 license, which at the point of activation will be updated to a Pro 10 license by Steinberg.
If all you have is a pro 9.5 update license, you will not activate anything.

Sorry, may be I am not too clear about the question. I am using Cubase 9 right now, so my activated license is a Cubase 9 license at the moment. I have bought and registered a 9.5 update (but not activated yet). If I activated it right now, do you mean a Cubase 10 license will be activated? Is it possible to activate a 9.5 license right now, so that I can activate the Cubase 10 later?


If you activate your update from C9 to C9.5 now, you will get C10 for free thanks to Steinberg Grace Period.

Cubase 10 license will be downloaded instead of C9.5 to your USB-eLicenser. If not, trigger Maintenance in eLCC application.

No, it isn´t.

You will get Cubase 10 license immediately. With Cubase 10 license, you can start Cubase 9.5 too.

Got it. Thanks Martin & Sven.

By the way, I will be out of country for a couple of months. Will I still be getting a C10 license when I activate my C9.5 license after I come back in January 2019? When will the grace period end? Thanks.


Yes you will. You will get Cubase 10 license anytime after 15 October 2018.

Dear Steiny team and colleagues hello,
Would you tell me, please, do I need to “Enter Activation Code” and download it to the dongle, without “Start License Usage Period”, or I can download and start the license when I’m in Grace Period?
I wasn’t satisfied with what Cubase Pro 10.5 brought, so I prefer to wait until version 11, but today I bought the update at reduced price.

Thank you in advance for the assistance! :slight_smile:

Best regards,

If you want to get the Cubase Pro 11 grace period, you should keep the download code for the 10.5 license, and not download or activate the 10.5 license before Cubase Pro 11 is out.

I now have Cubase Pro 10
I will buy Cubase 10.5 update next week.

I checked my Grace period at
Stated “grace period updates are available for Cubase 10”
But what I need is a 10.5 to version 11 grace period.
If I buy the 10.5 update now and activate it near the release of Cubase 11 will I get it for no additional funds?
Sorry, the “grace period updates are available for Cubase 10” is a bit confusing to me.


No one here on the public forum can guarantee to you, because this is internal Steinberg politics. But so far for some yers it works this way with Steinberg products. If you activate older Cubase version after the newer Cubase has been announced (or around 2 months back), you get the latest update for free. So to be on the very safe side, you can even wait after Cubase 11 announcement. If you activate your Cubase 10.5 upgrade after Cubase 11 announcement, you would get Cubase 11 for free (actually the upgrade from Cubase 10.5 to Cubase 11 is for free then).

Those are also my thoughts but it is the wording “grace period updates are available for Cubase 10” that is not clear to me. I will just assume it means that if I buy the 10.5 update now and activate it near the release of Cubase 11 I will I get it for no additional funds.

Really looking forward to Cubase 11 and with a bit of patience I will end up getting it for a really good price. :smiley: