Grace period question from Cubase 10 to 11?

Grace period question from Cubase 10 to 11? is this possible?

I bought Cubase 10, but I didn’t installing expecting something for 10.5, now I think I could wait to 11, I was wondering, how many versions I can jump? Could I go from 10 to 11? or 12?

I guess the key cannot caudate as we pay for it a considerable amount, but what about the grace period to jump in to the versions, is there a limit? :question:

Forget it, I obviously totally misunderstood the functionality of the update system :open_mouth:

I am not sure this is true. i believe whatever cubase version you activate on your dongle it will always activate the latest one available on that moment plus a grace period. I had nine bought 9.5 and got 10 when I activated.
But need official response to be sure!

That´s wrong.

It´s not about installation, but license activation.

Yes, that’s fine. You can jump many versions, there’s no limit that I’m aware of. (Unless they change their policy in the future.)

But, as Svenni points out, it doesn’t matter if you installed the program or not. The only thing that matters is if you ACTIVATED the license or not.
When you activate the license, it will automatically transform to a license for the current version.

I saw this is possible in a reply of Ed doll, but… how sure is it that I can jump many versions without activate the license?

It is sure (at this point of time). Maybe read some more info here, discussed by some users recently:

You basically don’t buy an update TO a specific Cubase Version, you buy an update FROM your version to whatever version will be out at time of the activation of your bought license.