Grace Period Update to Cubase 12

Please find all details on the process to update to Cubase 12 with the free grace period update here:


And run Steinberg Download Manager before you start, because if you don’t have the most current version of the Steinberg Activation manager, that “Grace Period Check…” may not be available.


Hello! I have 2 licenses of Cubase 11 in my account and both were activated during the grace period, but I received only one license for Cubase 12. Why?


I understand that the servers are likely very busy now. But I jumped from being eligible for an grace period update to not upgradable. I hope this is an temporary issue because of heavy traffic as I’m definitely within the grace period.

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No worries. “not upgradeable” just means the the license on your eLicenser was already updated. You should have a new Cubase 12 license in your Steinberg Licensing account. Can you launch Cubase 12?

Matthias at this moment there is a problem with the license server. Is Steinberg aware of this?
We cant update our 11 license to 12

Yes, we are very much aware of this.

Any information on how long will take to fix this?

I do not been noticed to the new Cubase 12… So I would like to know how to do from the 10.5
NO more grace period it’s mean ?

Unfortunately there is nothing to fix. We just have to wait until the amount of traffic goes down.

i just activated the license through the activation manager but it seems i still cant launch cubase 12 ?

I generally lost my Cubase 11 license from the key((((and Cubase 11 won’t open(((what should I do? Nothing has been updated for the grace period(((I’m very upset, what should I do?(((date of purchase of Cubase 11 Activation status:Product activated on 07/01/2022

No worries. Please have a look here: Cubase Update - eLicenser Issues - #2

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Thanks for the answer, but Cubase 11 does not work for me now and the work is worth it (((what should I do?

Please have some more patience. It will reappear once the license server availability is restored. Simply use the “Maintenance” option in the eLicenser Control Center then to retrieve the license - but again, please be patient.

And how long to wait?

Unfortunately I cannot give any estimation at the moment. I am really sorry for the inconvenience.

But are you able to start Cubase 12?

I cant start it myself…
Need an upgradeable license to be finalized

What happens when you try to start Cubase 12?

What can you see in the list of licenses available in Steinberg Activation Manager?