Grace Period Update to Cubase 12

its frozen to checking license message. I have to click X on top right to close program

Is there still a issue with licensing server ?

Yes. Boatload of traffic, may need to wait until tomorrow when the action dies down. Too many requests for the server(s) to handle.

What can you see when you open Steinberg Activation Manager? Is it showing the Cubase 12 license?

Hi, same issue here,but my activation manager shows no license at all though, even though on MySteinberg they both (Cubare 11 pro and Dorico 3.5 Elements) have “Grace Period Eligile” written.

Nothing at all. And now even the eLicenser is showing this:

Could you close eLicenser Control Center (eLCC), open Task Manager and ensure that the “Protected Object Server” process has been closed, then open eLCC again.

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That’s a good start. What happens if you run the maintenance task in eLicenser Control Center?

Doesnt complete any step due to “network error”

Thats the typical license maintenance error screen

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This is will be due to congestion on our eLicenser server. I’m sorry for that. Please try again a bit later.

ok cool, at least it is now showing this. just seems the servers are getting HAMMERED with requests right now. I’m sure all will be fine once the traffic dies down.



Ok, thank you.

I’m afraid I can only say the same that this problem should alleviate soon once the peak demand on our eLicenser server drops. I’m very sorry about this and hope you get your free grace period update soon.

Once the license says “grace period eligible” you should be able to open Steinberg Activation Manager and run the “Grace Period Check…” function to start the process of getting your update DAC.

Yes. Very cool. Nothing else you guys can do and thanks for the support. Very excited to get v12 up and running! Good stuff!!

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We’re super-excited for you all to get going with Cubase 12!

So ELCC at one point showed “grace period eligible” so I then went to the SAM and did the GPC which now returns:

Another way to trigger the grace period process is to successfully complete the maintenance task in eLicenser Control Center. What happens if you try that?

GPP in ELCC gets stuck at step 1 (due to so much traffic). I am going to try again in many, many, many hours time.

This is like trying to buy Justin Bieber + Nickelback tickets online as soon as they become available. Justin Bieber and Nickelback are such incredible artists and so many people want their tickets that the servers overload. Like this: