Grace Period Update to Cubase 12

The technical system for distributing the grace period DACs has a limitation that it can only be used once per account. If you have multiple copies of a product that qualifiy for the grace period upgrade, I’m afraid you’ll have to contact our support team who will be able to help you. As you might imagine they’re quite busy at the moment, so please be patient!

Steinberg Licensing itself can handle multiple quantities of the same product in your account. (The previous limitation has been fixed now)


Try it again. I had the same Problem. After i do it again my Licence would be fixed.

The scarcity of clear, unambiguous instructions on how to initiate and complete all necessary steps for each discrete case (new, upgrade, grace period) with a central link to aggregate all the known issues and workarounds after this much lead up is pretty disappointing.


@Ben_at_Steinberg, thank you taking the time to reply! I’ll just sit tight and wait for now until things calm down.

This is the part that confuses me most. Why is there not an understandable step by step ( along with the possible glitches that can/will happen) of this procedure. This has happened to me often with other licensing and installation processes. In fact I always dread getting new Steinberg products on my system. It’s always some silly step that was missed, but until figure that one thing it can get very annoying. Just to be fair I have had some purchase install and license perfectly.

I show I’m eligible for a “grace period” upgrade. I went through the process of using Steinberg Download Manager” to download and install Cubase Elements 12, but it says “no license found” when trying to start the program. Basically, I never received an Activation Code which is a problem. Are we to wait to be contacted by Steinberg before trying to install?

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In this situation, I’d recommend opening Steinberg Activation Manager, signing in and using the “Grace period check” function here:

So this can’t be done through the eLCC? I was under the impressing I had to use eLCC for Cubase Elements. Thanks for the reply, BTW.

Where do download and install Steinberg Activation Manager? I can find all the information about it, but no link. Thanks

Like I said this is very frustrating. All information is disjointed and impossible to sift through. I’m beginning to think Steinberg doesn’t want to explain the needed process because their systems are too overwhelmed and they don’t want to encourage more users to start the process!

Hi Ben, I have updated eLCC and successfully run the maintenance routine and now I get the Cubase Pro 11 (Grace Period Eligible) license. But Steinberg Activation Manager shows now license and when I hit “Grace Period Check…” I’m only getting an error message back. I have also updated the Steinberg Download Assistant and installed Cubase 12, but when I try to open it I get an error message saying that there is no license available. What should I do next? Thanks.


The whole process should become streamlined as Steinberg Licensing continues to roll out.

You download Steinberg Download Assistant and install it. Run Steinberg Download Assistant and sign in to your My Steinberg account.

At this point, you have installed all the other utility software - Steinberg Activation Manager, Steinberg Library Manager, and, whilst it is still needed, eLicenser Control Center.

You can then follow the instructions @Ben_at_Steinberg gave above. Steinberg Download Assistant is also used to download and install the Cubase 12 software.

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Keep trying periodically. What you are seeing is almost certainly a consequence of the current high load on the old eLicenser server.


Hello David and Thanks for responding. I have the latest version of “Steinberg Download Manager” installed with I figure all the necessary other utilities. The one issue is the naming of everything so close to another. Anyway, I can not find where I do the “Grace Period Check” within this program. I did the maintenance in eLCC and it shows I am eligible, but if I try clicking on it or whatever nothing happens and there is nothing that leads me to the next step. Which I imagine is getting DAC. I’m lost.

The option you are looking for is in the new Steinberg Activation Manager. Open it and log in to your My Steinberg account if asked. Click the ‘person’ icon in the top right, and select “Grace Period Check…”.

Do not be surprised if the check fails at present because of the very high load on the old and creaking eLicenser server.

I’m so sorry for being so thick. Where is this Steinberg Activation Manager? I don’t see anywhere to click on it.

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Steinberg Activation Manager is a separate program on your system that is installed by Steinberg Download Assistant.

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I will try when I get back to my system. At the dentist.
Thanks to all.

I have the same issue. Contacted support and they said that I have to purchase a USB Dongle to activate 11, to get the grace period for 12…
This makes no sense and I really hope there’s a proper solution to this.

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I purchased Cubase 11 Pro during the grace period, but did not activate it as I was awaiting the Cubase 12 Hardware-less activation. Now that it is released, I can’t get the grace period activation because it requires me to activate my Cubase 11 Pro key on a hardware dongle first.

Contacted support and they confirmed that I have to purchase a USB Dongle to activate 11, to get the grace period for 12…

This makes no sense and I really hope there’s a proper solution to this.


Well I’m a dunce (sort of). While getting my tooth drilled, I realized I should check the Windows Start Menu for the “Steinberg Activation Manager” and what do you know…there it is. This is the problem that I mentioned. Most everything dealing with Steinberg throws up a Desktop shortcut. So a person gets use to just clicking desktop icons. It’s these little discrepancies that throw people. Hopefully this will soon be a thing of the past.

So ran the check got a response saying I’m grace period eligible, got an email with a DAC and presently going to install Cubase Elements 12.

Thanks Again Dave and To all!

I guess I spoke too soon. It appeared like I was on my way, but now everything is saying “not upgradeable” and nothing is working.

Steinberg needs to put a freaking notice on their Webpage to forget about getting your grace period download until we can manage our customer base. Time is money and precious and I’ve wasted too much time on this crap!!!

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