Grace Period Update to Cubase 12

Unfortunately the offline activation process is not there yet. Currently you can just activate Cubase 12 on your internet PC.

Thanks for replying. So it might be better to wait with the actual upgrade to Cubase 12 until this procedure is available, correct?
I hope the “grace period eligible” status won’t disappear until a related procedure will be available. When can we expect this to happen? THX.

No, it won’t disappear. But you can also already upgrade now. It doesn’t matter. You will still be able to use Cubase 11 on your off-line system with the dongle.

Unfortunately I cannot give any estimations about the release.

OK thanks, so in fact I may proceed with whole process until I have received the software download code from Steinberg. Should I even continue then entering the “new activation code” (after I have received it), even if it’s my “Non-Cubase Internet”-PC? Just to be safe and to avoid false registrations.

Currently the server is getting a lot of traffic. But of course your can already go through the “free grace period” update process. You will then have our Cubase 11 license on the dongle (marked as non-upgradeable since it was used to update to C12) and Cubase 12 in your Steinberg Licensing account.

Clear now. Thanks a lot!

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Hello I have a problem…I can’t upgrade to cubase 12…
please look at the screenshots…
the ‘‘perform maintenance tasks’’ is all ok! But I can’t upgrade to cubase 12!!

Hi @Kyriakos_Gazouleas, unfortunately our eLicenser server is slow due to the hight traffic. As soon as the peak will reduce you will be able to update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok thank you very much! I will wait…

Is there an alternate way to receive DAC for free Cubase 12 upgrade? Your system isn’t sending me the email.

The process requires the email. Have you checked the spam folder and so on?

Oh yeah. I’ve checked EVERYTHING. I’ve sent like 40 requests now and not a single email. I’m a proficient computer user. They’re simply not being sent.

Sorry. I didn’t mean to offend you.

You didn’t. I’m just wondering how to get the DAC without an email.

Our system is currently getting a lot of traffic. The email should arrive soon.

Thanks, but I’d be surprised. You guys need a system that doesn’t solely rely on a janky email network.

Thank you for your quick reply. I am definitely eligible and I’m in the grace period. It says so on my eLicenser Control Center. I’m just not receiving an activation code email even though I’ve run the maintenance several times.

i upgrade cubase pro 10.5 to 11 pro and the date im updae was middle november 2021 which i need to get the cubase 12 pro for free but cant update it show that there is no licence found
more then tha when i try now to work with the cubase 11 pro i got message “yout system finger print is not valid anymore the system hardware config has been changed and stored licences have been disabled hardware elicensers are not affected please contact your software vendors support department for help and reactivation”
i must say im very dissapointed from the hard way of updatind from version to version always have problems!!!dont understand why the dont do simple update button like all the softare!!!
i try to play ther e and click on grace period which i dont have a clue what is done
need your help please

Guys, is it normal to click Grace Period Check…, Run Check and then instantly to see ”Error during grace period check. An unknown error occured while the grace period check was performed. Please try again.” ? It looks like my Steinberg Activation Manager doesn’t even try to connect anywhere but it instantly throws the error message instead. Really hope to see Cubase 12 running after all this struggle. Cheers!

I know. I’m waiting impatiently for my email with my activation code. Hopefully it arrives today. I do understand that the servers are very busy. I get that. I just think the upgrade could be easier.
Fingers crossed!