Graphic frame oddity

Two very odd things here.

First, I had previous imported this graphic into a frame… but now any frame I draw automatically loads that image. Eh???

Second, that’s the wrong font. I’m using Palatino Lintotype… which is on the same machine, and which successfully displays when I open the SVG in a browser.

Help appreciated. Please let me know what I need to provide, if anything.

Still applies to SVGs created in Dorico itself, as I suspect this one is. Haven’t seen your first issue before though…

Ah yes, I remember this now that you mention it (oh look, there I am in the thread…). In the past I’ve exported slices as PDF, then converted to SVG, which works. Thanks.

The issue with a previously-used graphic unexpectedly appearing in a newly-created graphics frame is one we know about, and is due to the slightly complicated way Dorico keeps track of imported graphics. It’s harmless, because you can of course double-click the frame to add the expected graphic.