graphics2d.dll crashes

Had crashses in most of my recent sessions. relating to graphics2d.dll. Not a complete dead crash, but a fatal error ‘save your project under a new name and quit’ type.
Cubase 64bit 2020.11.19 (599 KB)


Do I understand you right, this crash happens while loading a project?

What graphic card do you use, please? Do you have the latest graphic card driver installed, please?

Reported to Steinberg CAN-32504.

it happens during a project, recording, monitoring etc. drivers are up to date, Windows is on the previous version. AMD Radeon vega integrated latop Ryzen5

This might be helpful

Thanks, I looked into that before, on 10.x I was getting ucrtbase.dll crashes all the time. I was naively hoping that they might have fixed it in 11.

Cubase 11. Same problem here: graphics2d.dll. when starting cubase up after the crash. During the crash i get the message unrecoverable graphic error 0x8007000e. I am using nvidia 1080 Asus.
Never had this with cubase 10.5. Any ideas ?
This happens during Cubase work, lots of VSTI…
Can save the file after that, but reponning the file causes certain kontakt instruments missing, so something is wrong. I need to work with the previous project version and recover work…


Please try this:

  • Uninstall the NVIDIA driver.
  • Download the latest Studio driver version from here.
  • Start the installation (as administrator).
  • Don’t install the whole package, use the Custom (Advanced) settings.
  • Disable everything (don’t install NVIDIA Experience, PhysX, etc.), keep just the video driver enabled.

I have problems with random crashes on C11 caused by the Nvidia driver. 10.5 is stable for me.
Tried all available nvidia drivers for my card, doesn’t help. (geforce 8500 GT and GT 610 on another computer) ,(identical computer hardware exept the graphics card)


Could your attach some DMP files, please?

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your message.
The studio driver is not available for my cards. I do have just the driver installed, nothing else.
I tried all avaiable drivers already. Also tried Granting all access to the NVIDIA folder and “graphics dll” in the cubase11 program folder. No success.
At the moment I am running this version (went back but does not help) at the computer I am at.
The other setup is at a different location so cant check right now.

The latest two dump files are attached to this reply.
Keep me posted…

Some screenshots:







the latest two dump files are attached to this reply.

keep me posted…

Cubase 64bit 2021.4.7 (1010 KB)

Cubase 64bit 2021.4.3 (1010 KB)


I’m afraid this graphic card is not supported anymore, if there is no Studio driver. It’s probably quite old. Maybe it’s even not Windows 10 compatible.

Could you double-check, please?

I can confirm, the crash is in the graphics2d.

Not every nvidia graphic card has a studio driver. I have gtx960 in my laptop and there’s no studio driver available either.

Not that it helps the OP.


I see, good to know, thank you. Sorry, I’m not Windows user, I was thinking the Studio driver is available for all NVIDIA cards.

But you can do the custom installation with every driver, right?

Yes, you can.

And I didn’t know that either. Until I was looking for a studio driver for my card.


I’ve got more information:

The GeForce 8500 GT wasn’t initially supported on Win 10 (series 9000 was not as well), but NVIDIA eventually provided drivers for it. The most recent one is from 2016, so it remains difficult to actually know how compatible it is with current OS versions. It was released in 2007 (Tesla architecture) and the feature level is barely sufficient (not sufficient for OpenGL 4 plugins). Weak 256/512 MB cards, not up to the task for today’s workloads.
I confirm the latest driver for the 610 to be from 2018, it has DX11 support, etc. With this one, the user might actually have more luck using the NVIDIA driver than an updated Microsoft generic driver, but he might try both.

Based on this, I would strongly recommend to buy a new graphic card.

Ok, thanks. Just wondering: the only program crashing om my pc is c11 right now. Anything else just works flawlesly and has for years. So “I need a new graphic card if I want to continue using c11 on this computer” is another way of looking at this… for now I think I just use 10.5, Does the job for me, so no problem. One more thing: c11 has run fine for a few months on both my setups, so it could be a windows update that is causing this also. But then again: it does not affect my other software, just c11…

Trying something else at the moment: this could be a windows permission issue instead of a driver isue. I took ownership of the folder C:\NVIDIA.
Nomore crashes. Fingers crossed…
How to take ownership:,permission%20to%20do%20so%20first.


+6 hours of work, not a single crash…Big improvement compared to “having to save after every important edit because you do not know when it hits you…”

10.5 started to misbehave too. Seems to be solved. Will check C11 later.

C11 also stable for at least 2hrs here.
+24hrs later: not a sigle crash…

C11 crashes while doing nothing on screen, in record standby mode (livemonitoring, not recording)
After a restart C1 crashes while hovering over a plugin.
C10.5 is stable so I continued using C10.5 for recording.

Later that day I tested again, same problem using c11, random crashes
After "taking ownership"again (see above posts) : no more crashes…

Could this be a windows update issue?

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Having the same error code. When it re starts Cubase disappears if i try and load a project. Then there is an error message about VST plug-in set causing the issue.
Also using Nvida and have done the take ownership thing with making a difference. Some days its fine, others its a real pig to get anything done.

I am having the same problem with Cubase 11. The dmp-file is related to graphics2d.dll.
The graphic card on my computer is AMD Radeon RX Vega 11, and the driver is updated

How to solve?