Gregorian chant in Dorico 4?

I will soon upgrade to Dorico 4. Is Gregorian chant / neums possible in Dorico 4. I may be working on a very large hymnal project that will incorporate Gregorian chant notation here and there, it being mission-critical, actually.

Thanks, Dan and co. Dorico never ceases to amaze.

Sadly, no. I wish. Someday…

There are a number of free resources online that do very well with chant.

As you’ll know, plainsong chant uses entirely different rules and behaviours from ‘Common Music Notation’, and none of the major notation apps are able to create chant effectively.

(There is a plug-in for Finale, which can do it, but it is very expensive.)

Your best option would be to create the chant in the Gregorio TeX program.

There’s an online plainchant generator:

… and a large database of chant.

You can then generate chant as vector graphics, which you can then import as graphics.


For what it’s worth, I do think that for generating plainchant transcriptions into modern notation, Dorico cannot be beat.


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I can’t believe I’ve never come across this before! (Shame it’s windows only though…) I will be giving this a try tout suite!

Well James, just tried downloading, but it’s impossible. Just a series of links which lead to sites offering various services. I gave up.

pity. Looked promising.

I’m not sure whether this is the same application, but it’s possible that it might be available here:

I was able to find the documentation here:

But it does indeed appear that the site that originally hosted the product is no longer active.

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Brilliant, thanks Daniel. I can see you on Mastermind, specialist subject “Obscure Medieval French Software” - you’d win hands down!

I’ve downloaded the “Mode d’emploi” pdf and translated it into English, which can be downloaded from the link below

(My Specialist Subject “Translating Obscure Medieval French Software Instructions into English”)



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Doubtless, Daniel and co. have this resource, already. Yes, neumes native to Dorico is probably a project years down the road, say, Dorico 12. lol

Liber Usualis (1961)

Daniel was (…still is, I think…) a professional church musician for many years. He knows all about chant, no doubt.

“There’s an app for that.”

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There’s also “Square Note”

And “chant tools”

Both of which have dynamic scores, and aren’t just old page scans.


I forgot Neumz

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Dorico is excellent for transcribing Gregorian chant into modern notation. I’ve found this approach useful for choirs that don’t read neumes.

Below shows my method of writing organ accompaniments.
Dixit Dominus.pdf (19.5 KB)

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Oh, I know. Never hurts to throw mud against the wall… :slight_smile:

I’m a fan of the stemless approach myself: