Greyed out playback button


This is a project specific problem. I cannot replicate this outside of this specific project I am working on. Seems like everything is fine outside of this project.

No matter which playback template I use, the green play button is always greyed out. I’m using HSSE (SE) and NotePerformer, and neither will work or even open in this project anymore. Was working just fine an hour ago, suddenly can’t use playback anymore. Trying to open the HSSE or NotePerformer UI leads to nothing either, they won’t even show up. Trying to load up a project after loading this project results in Dorico crashing as well.

Please take a look and let me know if there is something I am missing, thanks!

Dorico Issues - (1.27 MB)

This isn’t much help, but I got the same results as you.

My suggestion is to create a new project with the same players. Then you can try “Select All” and copy-paste.

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately once I open a new project with this project open, Dorico crashes. Doesn’t matter if I create the new session with the layout correct first and open this session with the issue, or vice-versa. I am unable to extract the notes to a new session due to that.

Have you tried exporting the flow? Or if that doesn’t work, you could export as XML.

Both are resulting in crashes. This time I got a message about something regarding VSTAudioEngine3.exe

Dump file is attached.
Dorico 3.5 AudioEngine 64bit 2020.7.24 (314 KB)

Something is deeply wrong with the audio engine data in your project file. I can’t tell, yet, what exactly it is, I need to take a closer look next week, but I deleted that data part from the project and now it loads and plays fine with me. Please also try with my attachment.
Dorico Issues - (1.23 MB)

Thank you for sending that over! Please let me know if you find out what went wrong with the audio engine data so I can avoid it in the future.