Grid Type and Quantize Preset Menu Options don't change anymore with the MOUSE WHEEL ????

Ok I guess for many many ppl, this is not so much important … but I would like to know…

Is it real that we cannot anymore change the Grid Type and Quantize Preset menu options,
with the MOUSE WHEEL ???

Please tell me that this is a bug !!!
:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

Can someone confirm this ???

Same problem with Grid & mouse wheel

thank you for answering : ))
yes, seems that is true …
I would like to know though if this is a bug or a momentary change of the new updates…
@Steinberg ?

WTH?!? I (used) to use this feature all the time.

Steinberg’s new operating methodology: fix one feature, break one feature. Absolutely no quality control!

Operating this way ensures they’ll never make any net progress.

Prediction: In a future release they’ll add this back in as a new feature.

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I really hope so…maybe remove it because was interferes with something new that they add… (you know, the usual story…) thinking that is useless!!!
but is one of the MOST IMPORTANT things in the workflow universe of Cubase!! :ugeek:

Confirmed here also.

Actually it’s fix one feature, break two features: we used to be able to change multiple things like the number of pre/post fader slots (green bar) by selecting multiple tracks and using Q-Link. 10.5.20 broke that as well.

We can add this to the previous loss of setting track icons on multiple channels at once (you now need to do this manually for every single channel). The plan here is to break all this functionality and then reintroduce it as the Multiple Selection feature.


One more tragic thing, from the introduction of “DOP”…is to NOT be able to process any DOP “command” by just pressing the ENTER key or even a simple SHORTCUT …
I cannot understand why STEINBERG destroys the most unique function of having SHORTCUTS in every new update…
Why I need to be forced to look at my keyboard and mouse when I am working !!
come one guys !!



I have uninstalled 10.5.20 and back to 10.5.12

Hi mate , so 10.5.12 works with mouse wheel ?? please answer i really need back my mouse wheel :confused:

I can confirm that a Steinberg moderator has stated that this has been done intentionally to make list behaviour more consistent throughout the program. The mind does boggle. Check out the bottom of this page.

Thank you guys that bringing back the mouse scroll in C11. : )))