Groove Agent and Halion

Hi, I’m pretty new to all this and I could do with some advice on a couple of issues. I have tried these on more specific forums but they are a little quiet and the trail went cold.

I’m using Pro 9.5

First one should be pretty easy.
I saw the item on the hub about Halion 6 updates and wrongly thought it was an update to an instrument I already had (told you I was new to this!) so I downloaded and installed it. When I ran Cubase it asked me to get the licence, I realised my mistake and uninstalled again. Whenever I start Cubase now it throws up a list of patches for Halion 6 and asks me to licence or uninstall them.
I can’t for the life of me find them to remove them. I’ve tried the Halion manager utility but all the libraries in there are greyed out and won’t let me do anything. I’ve searched all the folders with the names of the patches but nothing comes up. I don’t think it had any effect on the program but I would like to clean it up for forms sake.

Second one is more annoying.
I really love the power of Groove Agent SE so I purchased Groove Agent 4 to get the extras.
But I only have a handful of patches available. On all the YouTube vids they show hundreds of kits and sounds but I have none of them. I can open the page with the 12 icons - Acoustic, Studio and Vintage kits plus the beat kits and other bits - but there are no patches or sounds to load.
Running scan returns 0 results. There are lists that come up in the left hand pane but everything is greyed out, nothing to load.

I’ve reinstalled it a couple of times and even reinstalled everything from scratch, Cubase itself included but nothing changes.

I don’t know if this is a clue but I purchased the Rock and Roll kit too, if I install this it wipes all the other kits out and I only have the Rock and Roll one with about 20 patches. That kit then completely fails to load anyway as if it isn’t there.

This is very frustrating!

Thanks for any help in advance.

Welcome to Cubase and Computers. Are you on PC or Mac??

Anyway for your Halion 6 issue it should be uninstalled or deleted from the VST folder.

Delete Halion 6 only.

Do not delete Halion SE…

Read this also:

For your groove agent issue if you installed it properly and it’s in Cubase it should be fine.

Right click on beat agent and load kit or kit and pattern like in the image / link:

If you don’t see all your kits reinstall GA4.

Good luck.