Groove Agent (SE) 5.2.0 maintenance update

It’s not a case of re-setting the media bay preferences. The media bay update 1.1.30 is not fit for purpose. It will not see midi files no matter how many times you delete the Prefs. At least the problem has now been acknowledged so hopefully a fix is in the pipeline.

And new user audio too. Lets not forget that lol

Wow you don’t say?? Its not like its been a few days since that was posted and we discovered this after the fact… If you had been paying attention, that was referring to a different problem discovered immediately after the update.

Just to add my bit.
Having seen the related announcement, I tried an hour ago to update my Groove Agent SE 5 (5.1.20) to the new 5.2.0 release with the Download Assistant.

When, after the update was reported successful and after the recommended system reboot, I tried to launch the GA SE Standalone (I always try that one first, after an update), I got an error dialog, never seen before, saying
‘skin file " not found’
and the program did not start at all.

I then checked for the plugin inside Cubase (12 Pro) and the GA VST instrument was totally missing, not even selectable from the list.

I also tried to install the update again, getting the same result.

Luckily I had kept the former 5.1.20 setup file (“elderly” habits sometimes prove useful) and so I was able to quickly reinstall the previous release, which seems to work normally. Also the Download Assistant correctly “sees” it, again showing the 5.2.0 as an available update.

So there actually seems to be something wrong with this latest update, at least on my system.

Since the update of GA5.2, GA One kits are shown as red dots en can’t be loaded. It only can be loaded by te preset management . This is only possible when using GA in Cubase as a vst and you can’t use the sound of GA One using GA5 as standalone. What is going wrong? Is this a Bug like midi isn’t shown anymore?

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some kits belong to Groove Agent one.
Please do following steps.
Load panel- go to the Wheel ( set up result colums)-plaug in - plugin names

You can access these kits by using the preset management above when using GA as vst in cubase.

Hey forum. The mods are always trying to deal with things so I thought I’d update.
I have received confirmation that they have found the mediabay bug and will be patching an update soon. So…some somewhat good news :slight_smile:

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Hi all, sorry for the inconvenience some of you experienced with this update. We are trying to find solutions for these as soon as possible.


Thank you.
I have noticed even with the red warning circle, the preset load and can be used as normal.
As it has been mentioned in here, it a possible a bug which will be fixed as soon as possible.

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Hey Mr “Basic troubleshooting folks, come on now.” Not big enough to admit when your wrong…Sad. …The problem is when knowledgeable people on this forum are trying to get Steinberg to correct a problem that is affecting their work flow you always seem to pick up some smart arse sarcastic type claiming it’s “basic trouble shooting”… Thankfully the bugs in the new media bay have been confirmed so will now be fixed. I’m sure you won’t be able to resist some nasty comeback but please don’t on my behalf.

Day 1 - discovered some files listed as not available that no one had installed. Nobody had realized MIDI files were broken yet. Wiping prefs removed those invalid entries… MIDI issue was discovered a few days after.

Next time Mr ‘Knowledgable’ try to pay attention to post times… Maybe you need to become ‘Mr Attentive to Details’ instead of trying to whine about something almost a week after the fact with a totally useless comment that contributed absolutely nothing just like this post is doing?

Hello Florian,

since the info is already 12 days old: is there already a timeline for the fix?


One month from the release… when we will receive the fix of this??? Or please, give us the link to the old version of Groove Agent… please…

There has been at least one MediaBay release since Florian posted. If you haven’t done so already, run Steinberg Download Assistant and let it update MediaBay (it’s an automatic update if you do not have the latest version). Does that help?

For Groove Agent 5 still nothing in Download assistant for me… And still no fix…

Nothing new will appear in Groove Agent, as 5.2.0 is still the latest version. I was just checking that you had the latest version of the helper applications installed, as there have been some updates recently.

@Florian_Haack - is there any update?

This silence after more than a month comes actually as a bit of a surprise.

Perhaps fixing the problem is particularly difficult and the developers haven’t yet managed to find a satisfactory solution.

Or maybe, due to the small number of affected users or to some other reason, the company does not consider this problem as worth fixing urgently.

Hi all,

we are working on a solution for Groove Agent and the MediaBay already got an automatic update through the Steinberg Download Assistant. We have not set a fixed release date yet for the Groove Agent maintenance, but we already shifted the priorities for this. Until then please use these installers to get the old versions 5.1.20 back if you are having trouble.

All the best,



Hello. OK, thanks for the information… waiting the fix then. Just back to the old version. Thanks for the links!

Nice one Florian. I will watch this space.