Groove Agent sources not found after upgrade to C12 Pro

Just upgraded to C12 Pro. Finally got thru the Initializing Video Player problem by removing the C12 prefs folder. But now I have this other one, which is failing to locate 5 of my Groove Agent SE sound sources, despite them being in the proper location.

Did anyone else get this issue?

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Open Steinberg Download Assistant. You will likely find updates being offered there for your sound packs. I can’t remember what the option is called - I think it’s ‘Updates’.

I see 6.17 GB of Content which I downloaded.
But it downloads to this folder, which is NOT the path to the installed sources.
Am I suppose to manually take these and drop them in the installation path at ProgramData?
Looks like they were already added there. I’m confused.

No -that lot is the factory content for Groove Agent SE 5. To install it - which will update any outdated files on your system, double click any one of the files. Steinberg Library Manager will open and will install everything in that folder.

You are looking for another heading in Steinberg Download Assistant where you will find installable updates for each of your Groove Agent content packs. I think it’s “VST Sound Updates” under “Updates”, but I am going from memory as I updated my system early yesterday.

I’ve redownloaded ALL content related to GA SE and GA.
I’m still getting these errors when launching Cubase.
These numbers (758 and 759) are not in the downloaded installation data folders and I downloaded everything. Why does it keep asking for these and where can I get them?

What you are looking for is pictured in this thread (click).

Yeah, I looked and looked. I don’t have that category. So it’s still unresolved, but thank you for trying to figure this out with me!

Steinberg got back to me. Apparently the two references are redundant and from older versions. I was told to just hit “Remove”.

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It looks like the update section only shows when there is something to update. After I installed all the ones shown, the update section was no longer present the next time I started the Download Assistant.

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