Groove Quantizing - what am I missing?

I’ve just noticed this issue…

If I create a groove from a MIDI clip the position percentage in the quantize pannel does nothing!..

This is important for me and was working before I upgraded to 6.5. If I say import a groove from FXpasion Guru at 100% I was able to create a groove from MIDI and then adjust the position percentage in real time to get the groove I want, as I would in Guru. Now, it does absolutley zip!!!

I hope Cubase get this sorted as I waited ages for this feature having used Abletons and Gurus groove functions, got the feature I wanted and now its gone again… > :unamused:

The only workaround is to create a groove template per percent, so thats 100 templates for just 1 type of groove, not very practicle.

Fingers crossed this is a bug that will be ironed out with the next update

Are you able to alter the groove quantize position? If not I guess its been broken during the update…