Groove Templates - Useful for quantize

Hopefully you can Download from my link

These are groove templates, they were posted on here a couple of years back in the C5 days, you can see they originated in SX4 but they work fine in C7, as the standard quantize menu is a little limited out of the box. These ‘groove templates’ (quantize presets) will extend the list of options you can select as quantize settings so they come in handy for testing swing and shuffle settings out. Great for Beats and basslines, and riffs

here’s what you do (it sounds more complicated than it actually is)

Load up the project. Open each folder containing the groove templates. Select on the Event you see in the arrange page (don’t open, just select). Go to edit menu. Open the Quantise Panel. move the quantise panel over so you can keep it open whilst you go through each one. Then go to Edit Menu again with the first event selected. / Advanced quantize / create groove quantize preset. this will put the ‘groove’ to the quantise panel. click the little plus sign to save the preset in the quantize panel. that’s one done (32nd swing 120bpm 4/4 bars is the first one), do that for each one.

Et voila, when you’re finished you’ll have an extended quantize menu :smiley: worth a little effort

BTW - I have Cubase set to ‘run as administrator’, as I have found that if you don’t, when you open Cubase the following day, its not kept those templates saved. Which is a pain
Cubase_5_Groove_Templates_SX3C4.cpr (368 KB)

Thanks for the post


Never mentioned the use of this templates :wink:

Will give it a try :exclamation:


I wish they came included as standard

every version, I have to re do them :unamused:

Thx you very much for these groove,

it would be nice to collect all existing groove on this thread

i will try to find some too

thx you

Thank you.
To complement: To create the Groove Quantize preset, you can Drag & Drop the part to the Quantize Panel’s graphic display.


Just wondering if its possible to add folders to the Quantize menu now? So rather than one huge list - a folder for ASR10 Presets - MPC - Hip Hop - House etc etc… Would be a real timesaver.

sounds like a feature request…

+1 from me :smiley:

Great idea… +1 from me too


thanks for the grooves.
also having user defined folders is great option to have to keep preset categories clean.


im gonna post in FR sub-forum.


great idea

and I second that as a feature request, swing & shuffle groove settings have made machines like MPC such go to instruments

And we should get users to share on here

Does everyone else have issues with the groove position percentage slider when using audio on the arrange page?
For me it does nothing.


Do you mean swing up and down arrows on the quantize panel?

they work fine for me the percentage increase alters the green lines which try to give you an indication of what will be affected.

then click quantize, and your selected parts move to those offset positions?

Not using a slider for this here?

Here’s the post I posted in the issues forum…
I just wanted to know if anyone here is having the same issue as I know you are using groove templates.

Can someone confirm this for me please…
The groove position percentage (in the quantize panel) doesn’t seem to do anything with audio (parts) on the arrange page.

In order to see if this works or not you’ll need to have a groove template that you extracted from MIDI or audio.

  1. Blank project

  2. Import audio (a small sample, like a hi-hat)

  3. Duplicate 16ths across 1 bar

  4. open qauntize panel and select a groove preset

  5. Use these settings

Pre-q = 16
Max move = 16th
Original position = unticked
Randomize = 0 ticks
Auto = On

  1. Select the audio

  2. Adjust the position slider



This works fine with MIDI but does nothing with audio.
I’ve tried using the swing percentage on audio while using standard 16th and that works as expected but the position does nothing when using a groove template?

Cubase 7.01 64bit… Windows 7

This is great thanks Betamac! Thanks for sharing!

Hey thanks for sharing, very useful.

A helpful hint is to set up a temp (or not) key command to do this step. Saves a lot of mousing around with so many grooves to import.

So can anyone else confirm this for me?
If you are unsure what I mean by position percentage, this is it
Position percentage.jpg

Have you put hitpoints into the audio file with the sample editor?

have you selected a groove template,

then hit quantize with the audio quantize button on?

not at my system at the moment but try it, I’ll check on this and edit my post if this isnt the exact way its done. EDIT - just had a few go’s and it worked without even going into sample editor to put hit points in

BTW and FWIW I have had trouble getting ‘good’ results first time quantizing audio, I never seem to like the result so much, but I’m sure the knack is in the hitpoint setting, then the groove,

Personally I prefer to Hitpoint detect, slice and close, then you have more freedom and the quantize still works - you just lassoo the slices to select them all and hit quantize - I always ‘bounce selection’ once I’m happy then I have a fresh file to work with.