GrooveAgent 5 "Instrument" option does not display drum parts

GrooveAgent 5 “Instrument” option does not display drum parts.Reinstalling the software does not solve the problem,and my library is the latest version.
GA5SE can read instruments correctly, but the full version of GA5 cannot…
Is this because some settings have been changed? If it’s a bug, how can I tell the strinberg software engineer to fix it? This problem has been bothering me for months, and I really hope to get help!

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Please make sure that Groove Agent 5 is up to date. Click the Groove Agent 5 logo to the top left to check which version you have installed. The current version is 5.1.11.

Also check if the Steinberg Download Assistant is offering any VST Content updates. These will show up above “My product downloads” if any are available.

Then follow these instructions, replacing “HALion Sonic SE_64” with “Groove Agent_64”:

dont you need to load a kit in order to display and hear? try loading beat agent into the slot. then try.

The topic starter is referring to the Instruments tab in the Load panel. This tab is supposed to allow you to load individual pad sounds (like a single kick, a single snare…) to make it easier to build your own drum kits. This tab isn’t working for him for some reason, instead showing the full drum kit presets.

I tried it, and when I drag a list instrument onto a pad, it automatically loads beat agent into the first slot.I wonder if OP has enable a lock of some sort.

Your column filters have reset to factory defaults somehow - maybe after an update.
In full GA, change your filters on the Instrument tab to Sub category etc, just like they are with SE, and your drums should reappear. If they’re still missing, check to see if the VST Sound folder in MediaBay has become unselected, and tick it if it has.

Hello, I followed your first instructions, but I still couldn’t see the individual instrument.
And I don’t know where the mediabay path is. Can you tell me more details?

It works!Now I can see and replace the instrument pad with individual instruments. Thank you very much!

Hello, I deleted the corresponding file according to the instructions you gave, and GA5 still seems to be unable to read individual instruments in some cases.

Then I tried to delete all the “.xml” suffix files under this path, and found that GA is now working properly. Thank you very much for your help!

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I’m experiencing the same problem. I see the kits, but I cannot see the instruments. I remember that I used to change instruments on the pads easily since I just had to search for “clap” or “hihat” and could then browse through the different sounds.

Now, it does not do that any more. The idea of deleting said files has not improved anything for me. All the latest updates of everything are installed.

Any other ideas?

Please try to delete all the selected files in my screenshot.

Then run Cubase12 again.


Thanks for the quick reply. I had done so but it was of no awail. I’m currently reinstalling everything as a last resort.

I problably should mention that I’m only using GA5SE.

Ok, I’ve reinstalled everything and, as you suggested, deleted and restarted C12, but still, there are instruments visible in my screen.

Please make sure to close Cubase before deleting the contents of your "Groove Agent SE_64"folder.

Did you unregister/remove the libraries from the Steinberg Library Manager first before attempting to reinstall them? Are you sure you have the latest version of the Groove Agent SE content?


If you only use GA5SE, you can try to delete all the “.xml” files in the GA5SE folder.

If it still can’t read the instrument, then I don’t have any other solutions.
I’m sorry about that.
I hope you can find another solution.

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Yes, I removed them completely from the Library Manager and also deleted the downloaded files and redownloaded them completely from scratch. Cubase was not running at that time.

@wnlyt Yes, I’ve resorted to this folder since the other one does not exist without GA5.


Hello everyone. Any solution to this problem? Even though I have deleted the files mentioned above from my computer, the problem repeats everytime I open one of my old projects.
(Windows10 / Cubase Pro / GA 5)

I have the same situation. And when I choose instruments, the software will also cause cubase to crash. Therefore, I have completely given up GA5, and the money to buy GA5 is regarded as a donation to Steinberg.

It’s really disappointing that software engineers can’t fix a software crash bug for so many years.

I would recommend contacting Steinberg Support if you haven’t done so yet.

Software: GA5 Se, Cubase 12 Pro, Win 10

Same problem here. I saw a video of Dom Sigalas using the GA5 load panel to easily filter out individual drum sounds (kick, snare, …) and pre-listen to them before dragging them on the pads to create a custom drumset.

However, in my setup, the columns always default (back) to style/sub-style. I can manually set them to category/sub-category.
But my sub-categories always only show “drumset”. If I click on “rescan disk” , it shows the full list of sub-categories, where I can select “kick drum”. But it doesn’t find any results for that, and then the list is replaced again by just “drumset”.

I tried re-install of GA5Se, and the factory libraries. I also tried deleting the xml files in the GA5Se folder. But no success so far. It looks as if it only knows drumsets, but no individual drum sounds. It would be so much more useful to find the appropriate drum sounds if I could get it to work correctly.