group names ?


I’m in the process of doing a revision of an old work and I’m moving it from finale to Dorico.

If you look at the samples in the pdf file, you’ll see that I need to create a group name (I to XII) that can encompass whatever staves of the group that will be shown in the successive pages of the score.

What would be the best strategy in Dorico to create that ?
Thanks for your help

Yan (113 KB)

There’s not really a good strategy for this at the moment because Dorico doesn’t yet support the display of player groups in the score itself, though that is certainly something we are planning to add.

Whatever you do is going to involve a lot of manual labour. Possibly increasing the staff label margin in Layout Options and then using a set of custom vertical lines that you move into position in Engrave mode on every page might be the way to do it, but it obviously won’t be very resilient to changes in layout and formatting.

ah I see…
Thank you Daniel.
I’ll give a test try to the manual method and will probably realize it in full at the end of the page layout.

All the best