Gui bugs

Hello everyone
I apologize for my english
I wanted to report some bugs on the cubase 11 gui

iussue n ° 1 folder track inspector

When you select the track in the folder the inspector menus are displayed in the middle

iussue n ° 2 master level indicator

Master level indicator at some magnification does not show the channel dividing line

iussue n ° 3 key commands

Key commands window missing import file menu

Can confirm that the folder track inspector GUI bug has not been resolved as of June 2021. See attached photos. Inspector GUI only works halfway down, affects all inspector elements, not only fader.
Steps to reproduce: create a folder. Select an item within the folder in the folder’s inspector. Open selection inspector elements, display only works half way.

Confirmed, and it’s been like this since a while…

  1. On my end, it’s even worse : I just have a more or less truncated folder name and nothing beneath.
  2. Beside this, the arrow on the left of its title, used to unfold the content doesn’t work : clicking on it does nothing.

It’s the reason why I don’t use folders much : the inspector is useless. Sometimes, I am wondering about the QC procedure in Steinberg headquarters. But well, we like Cubase for other things… :pensive:

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