Guitar: align fret positions/barres and chords

I’m trying to create something like this

How can I align vertical positions of all positions/barres in the same system? By default they are positioned differently for each bar, which doesn’t make it very readable imo. Offset is specific for each bar, so that doesn’t help. It seems at the moment there’s no absolute positioning. Does that mean I can only align manually, e.g. using viewport edge as a reference? It would be good to at least have as alignment function, e.g. like powerpoint, where you can easily align selected objects (that should not be too complex to implement I believe).

Interestingly, it seems that even if the positions/barres are positioned differently, chord symbols are aligned uniformly. So Dorico is aligning them as a group rather than individual elements, would be great if that worked for positions as well.

Last but not least, I’ve noticed some quirks:

  • (sometimes) Dorico ignores selected notes and makes position anchor points shorter or longer than selection, perhaps it’s related to voices, not sure
  • if a position spans multiple bars, (sometimes?) bar number is moved above the position line

Dorico doesn’t provide a means to align items like horizontal lines or playing techniques with continuation lines at present; this is something we hope to be able to add in a future version of the software.