Guitar bends with tied notes issue

how do i get the released bend (10 in brackets in upper image) to show as one note rather than all those tied-notes in brackets. If i remove the downwards bend that preceeds them it shows as one note for those 6.5 beats (as seen in lower image) Note how i have the tied-note settings set.

See this thread from September for more info (and, I think, a solution).

thanks @Mark_Johnson , i’ve seen that but it did not offer the solution i seek,
it may be that what i seek is not possible.

I’m afraid I think Dorico has to override your preferences for tied note appearances when it’s drawing the bend and release, otherwise there’s nowhere for the release arrow to arrive.

As you probably know, a typical tied note can be shown as multiple notes in brackets (to indicate the continuing duration) or just the first of the notes (tied ones hidden) but when the note is the product of a released-bend it applies the bracketed versions without option. Perhaps this is by design and maybe a feature that could be addressed?