Guitar notation: How to get the audioplay to adequately play pull on and pull offs?

How to get the audioplay to adequately play pull on and pull offs? I dont get true replay of pull on and pull offs, or slurred notes. Dorico seems only to replay them as totally separate notes. What am I doing wrong?

Usually adding slurs is sufficient for legato to occur.
Also, depending on the VST you use, you might have to tell the plugin to translate legato to hammer-on and pull-off articulations…
I use Ample guitars, and had to use settings within the instrument to make it happen.


I use the built-in guitar sound in Dorico. Let’s see if Daniel has time to comment this too.

The built in guitar sounds that come with Dorico won’t give you the sounds of slurs/hammer ons/off. You need to have a sample library that includes those sounds.

You are not doing anything wrong - it is just a limitation of the included sounds.

Now, that is rather important to know! Can you or anyone recommend any usable guitar sample library with a decent price tag, or preferrably free? If sounds of slurs/hammer on/offs is not played with the built in guitar sample library I think this is rather alarming and ought to be adressed a s a p by the dorico team. If this is a misunderstanding I´d be most happy to have a suggestion for a solution. :slight_smile:

I’ve recently started using Sheeddag3 Stratus… but not yet within Dorico. I’m curious other’s experience with it vs other options out there.

I use this:

Part of the answer is what type of guitar(s) are you wanting to hear? Steel string? Classical? There are a number of libraries - some have been mentioned in this thread, but not knowing your needs makes it hard to answer more specifically.

I think the Dorico team has little, or no control over sample libraries.

My first choice would be nylon string classical guitar medium string guage, my second would be steel string (Martin dreadnought style) picked with or without finger plektrums.

Well, there is a lot to choose from. There is one from IRCAM that is quite extensive (and expensive); another from Vienna Symphonic Library. Of course there are others - depending on budget. Listen to the demos and see if any appeal. I don’t personally use them - I use NotePerformer (sufficient for my playback needs). Good luck in finding the library that suits you!

I´ve now looked and listened around a bit and found three libraries that sounds and seems impressive. Those are Orangetreesamples “Evolution Modern Nylon” and NKI Session guitarist Picked Nylon Guitar : Session Guitarist – Picked Nylon | Komplete and “Picked Acoustic” SESSION GUITARIST: PICKED ACOUSTIC Walkthrough | Native Instruments - YouTube. Both run on Kontakt player, and also the Ample Sound guitar.
However I find I get into a domain maybe a bit too advanced for me, allthough fascinating. What I first and most need is a library that plays guitar sounds in Dorico without having to do too much under the hood programming in detail. I still don´t master the expression maps satifactory. So my question is: If I install the NKI session guitar, with it then respond and sound satisfactory to Dorico notation in terms of hammer ons/pull offs etc? Grateful for help!