Guitar strumming playback

Does anyone have any bright ideas regarding guitar scrumming input/playback? Currently, it sounds a bit computer-ish when I have a certain riff notated and I’m not sure if there’s an effective way to improve the feel.

A couple of libraries allow you to hold down notes in a chord with separate key switches to trigger upstrokes and downstrokes - this is great. I’d love to be able to make use of these. I’m guessing I could assign playback techniques for each, although inputting for every strum would get tedious (for me, at least).

Dorico doesn’t have any built-in features to emulate strumming at the moment (it would be an interesting research project one day!). I think your best bet would be to use a dedicated library that provides this kind of playback. You can do it with Steinberg’s TGuitar, for example, and you could use MIDI trigger regions to trigger the playback. I’m reasonably sure one of John’s Discover Dorico sessions from just after Dorico 5’s release last May covers this.

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For you or for me?!

Not for me, necessarily, but for one of my colleagues!

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I came here w/ the same question…

I forced the behavior my modifying the note durations in the Key Editor

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@DanielMuzMurray did you want to have it as notation? or would the audio of strumming work (mockup). If the latter, I saw this, Strum Machine (app)

I use Impact Soundworks Strum Designer. The sound works for me. This is a perfect application for Dorico’s amazing MIDI trigger regions and slash notation. No need for an expression map. TIP: Use a MIDI keyboard to directly enter your chords into the Shift-0 popover. You can also add a velocity parameter. Here’s a short fragment from an arrangement of Caravan in Dorico.

That a great idea, thank you!

BTW, I have worked out how to put the chord symbols only to one stave:

  1. create a group of players for the guitar
  2. create a group for all other players
    Enter your chords
    in Setup->your guitar group enable show chord symbols for the group
    in the other group(s), disable the setting

you will see that Dorico also adds group names as an acumen for each group. We don’t need that really.
to turn that off: open the layout menu (ctrl-Shift L), select your layout on the right hand side, the select Staves and Systems, and deactivate Show player name.