guitar tab

hi i have been trying to sort this problem for week , i hope somebody can help , i am trying to writ a simple guitar tab & staff this is how i do it and i will do it in a step by step list until i come to the problem that i can’t seem to resolve
1 open new project
2. choose guitar page template from project assistant
3. place a g note on the second line of the treble clef staff
4. the note appears i the correct place on the staff
4. the not appears on the tab string 3 open
5. right click on the 0 on string 3 box opens choose move to string 4

this is where i have the problem as i want it to move to string 4 fret 5 i have tried to move the g up and down but i cannot get it to go to the string i want , i’m sure i must be doing somthing wrong but i cant sort it out

please help , john tate

i am using cubase 6.5 my operating system is windows 7 ,cc121, yamaha n8 although i don’t think the hardware should cause any problems


No, just checked…you’re not doing anything wrong…not working here either.
Faulty template I think ?

“Move to string x” works as expected if you create a new project with appropriate staves.

Though I am not sure how they set the template up to automatically add the note to the TAB staff
as you add it to the treble clef staff.


I can merely confirm your findings (and your conclusion, Tuch :wink: ).
Does work o.k. with new tracks (even in the same template)

  1. Create two MIDI tracks
  2. Draw a MIDI Part in the upper track
  3. Shift+Alt +drag the Part down to the 2nd MIDI track… This creates a Shared Copy of the original.
  4. Open both Parts in the Score, and set Staff Setting for the upper staff to treble clef… transposition=12, and enable Tablature Mode (guitar) for the lower staff.
    Now anything entered in one staff will be reflected in the other :wink:.

Hey Vic, how are you ? always, the man with all the answers when it comes to anything Score related :slight_smile:
Thanks for that info…

I’m not actually using the Score/TAB as much these days, though I am getting lots of recording done.
Cubase does a good job there…not as many annoying anomalies & surprises in Audio land as there are in
Score land :wink:


thanks for the replys i’m at work at the moment but i will try suggestions when i get get home ,its nice to know that their is help out their,


wow yes it works, you guys really no your stuff ,i could never have sorted that myself i can tab to my hearts content its going to save me hours of writing by hand,

can’t thank you enough, tuchwood & vic ,

tatey :smiley: :smiley: