H 5 is completely Awesome !!!!!

Cubase 7 and HALion 5 :smiley: :smiley: WOW

I agree! :astonished:

flexphraser and granular are taking up my entire night. I’ve barely scratched the surface. Even HS2 is amazingly deep for editing now.

We’re in heaven :sunglasses:

I was lucky to spend all day playing with H5 and it’s brilliant , not a single hiccup . How many arp sounds ???

This knocks the socks off of any sampler ive used before including my hardware . Time to retire the s6000’s .

Love it !!!

How is the sound library that comes with H5 ?
im interested in purchasing a sampler… but i see kontakt as a Hugh library resource , specially with komplete 9(ultimate)( not mentioning 3rd party libraries for kontakt)

if you want a sample player go for kontakt ,if you want a creation system that’s using the internal synth engines for the presets then choose …
If you like arps then you will love H5 , it is truly a great update

If your major thing is using libraries Halion can’t touch Kontakt. Scripting in Kontakt is also superior. In Every other regard Halion is superior.

mmm i see… im not that much in sampling my stuff… anyway im sure kontakt can manipulate and assembly users own samples and sounds (maybe not as deep and integrated with Cubase as H5)
kontakt has no suppurt for VST note exp2 and hermonde tuning as far as i know, its kind of pita, but komplete 9 has so much to offer in same price range as H5…(little more but lot of stuff)
anyway H5 looks great and i bet its sounds too :sunglasses:

I must echo this chorus of approval, great updates to sonic and Halion. Bravo!

One question: does the H5 sample libraries completely replace H4’s? I mean, are there simply new sounds on top of H4’s library or is the new H5 library completely new, from scratch, 100%?
I use some lovely sounds in H4 and I don’t want to lose them with H5.



The installer adds to and updates the library, you don’t lose anything.

yep time to switch from s2000 for me …although i am sure i will still use it for deeper sample manipulation but not as much… well done steinberg… more sample manipulation processing please and you will have the best beast on the market

The installer adds to and updates the library, you don’t lose anything.[/quote]

Thanks for the feedback.

The multi outs on the B box is great and so simple to setup as well , not a single issue with H5 so far .

Loving it !!!

Dear Steinberg halion team,
you really went into the right direction with this upgrade. You listened to your customers and now the result is a fantastic sound design production tool.
I’m really impressed. Sure a lot of fun to use.

Kudos to you. You deserve it. I’m blown away. Tripping heavily in Auron and b-box right now.
I was asking myself if you “simply” took Padshop and transfered it into halion Under a new skin or?
Auron is capable of out of this world sounds change without loosing its “core” or " body"…at low or high frequencies…
I’m frankly really “wow”. It seems like real harware sound.
Outstanding sound quality.


It almost seems like you are saying that they have made Padshop work in H5, but leave those who bought the actual PadshopPro with a tool that can’t actually make a Pad. :laughing:

All good in the hood over here. Sounds are fantastic.

I have to admit that Halion 5 is simply amazing. B-Box is one of my favs of all the updates so far. I was wondering if it’s possible to create your own kits to use with it. The way you’re able to flip through different kicks, snares etc is a nice feature and I’d like to be able to add my own samples.

You can definitely create your own kits! I have done many, many of these and named them with (drum player) included so I can search and filter these out straight from the mediabay!

What you are going to want to do is this.

Create a new program in a clean slot and add a drum player midi module to this slot.

1.) Create layers for each drum element, one for kicks, claps, hats, crash etc.
2.) Drag the samples which relate to each of the layers, into said layer so they are organized. All your kicks into kick layer, claps into clap layer etc.
3.) Assign all of these imported hits to their own key/zone from within the mapping editor.
4.) Open the drum player and you will notice key in and key out values. Key in is what midi note you press to get the key out to sound. Key out is what key you want to be outputted when key in is played. I keep it at the default so pressing C1, plays C1 for instance, though you can change this.
5.) If you were organized in keeping like sounds adjacent to each other in the mapping editor, that is great, if not, you can press the trigger ‘square’ to the audition the sample and hear what it is. You will notice the default mappings will be set to ‘all’, when you hear the type of sound you like, change this ‘all’ to match that of the layer the sound is part of, so if you audition a kick, change the ‘all’ listing to your ‘kick’ layer and it will only play if set to the proper layer name. You will notice if you change the layer name to something other than what the sample belongs to, it will not play, this is normal. If you are able to audition all of your samples and actually hear them after assigning their layer name, then you have done it correctly.
6.) Turn off any lanes you aren’t using to keep them out of view and you now have an organized, drum player module, ready to go! Again, I name them what they are, with the included (drum player) abbreviation for easy filtering from within mediabay. For instance, 909 kit 1 (drum player). I can then search for this in the media bay, or just type in drum player in general and if I have many kits created, they will all show up and nothing but. I can them browse through and load what kit I want. If you really want some crazy drums, you can load a different created kit into different slots and really have a drum session going with tons and tons going on. I sometimes have a full kit of just kicks, another of hats, rides and crashes etc, so instead of using kits that are mixed up sample wise, I have a slot for each type and each type contains many different types of the same sound, so you can mix up hats, kicks, claps etc at different parts of your track, but in an organized and easily manageable way!

Whew, long winded I know, but hopefully this helps you. Let me know if you need anymore confirmation or assistance and I will see what I can do to sort you out!

Good luck and have fun!