Had an accident, how to go back to previous save?

Is there a way to open the project to a previous save? I had an accident and saved the project stupidly in panic during the accident thinking it was going to crash.

I accidentally pushed the global R button and all my automation went OFF. When pushing it again it activates automation in ALL tracks, not just the ones that had automation. I absolutely need to have the automation ON only in the tracks that I´ve written automation.

I have literally hundreds of tracks in the project and I can´t remember which tracks had automation, it will take me forever to find all the tracks with automation and activate them again manually. All this trouble with one push of a button! :imp:

If you have autosave on, there should be backup files of earlier versions of the project.

To open them, use the open dialog and set “files of type” to “Backup File (.bak)”.

I think that they’ll be contained in the project folder.

I don´t use autosave. I always save manually. Can I still find the previous saves?

What´s the open dialog?

File -> Open

Unless you saved them as a different filename (save as), you saved over the previous version(s).

No I didn´t. So that´s it then? I´m doomed?

Is there a way to activate just only all the tracks that have automation (not ALL)?

I don’t believe so.

However, if you didn’t write any automation to those tracks, then there isn’t any automation to read.

It may not mess up your project.

Yes, but I need to be able to identify all the tracks that have automation and tracks that don´t have automation, it´s crucial. Also I need to be able to use the faders on the tracks that don´t have automation.

Ah…can’t help you there.

If read is enabled on a track without automation, the faders are still functional.

“Show All Used Automation” might help – C6 manual P234.

And with hundreds of tracks in a project, switching auto save on might help too. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

Undo (all moves, not just some) would help even more… Or “Enable All Tracks With Used Automation” command.

That actually opens tracks also with no automation at all, confusing. A bug?


Doesn’t happen here.

You can fix it with the “Project Logical Editor”.

Just enable the global automation read, then set up these rules in the “Project Logical Editor” and hit apply:

Filter target:
Media Type - Equal - Automation
Property - Property is set - Event is empty
Action target:
Track operation - Read - Disable

or with global read automation disabled, set up these rules and hit apply:

Filter target:
Media Type - Equal - Automation
Property - Property is not set - Event is empty
Action target:
Track operation - Read - Enable

Both ways “Read” on all non automated tracks will be disabled. The first from on state to off, the second from off state to on.

CTRL + ALT + S :wink:

The first option disabled the tracks that had automation written, which is the opposite it was suppose to do.

The second option enabled some of the tracks that have automation written (not all) and it also enabled all the group tracks, even those that had no automation written. Not good.

Also in some of my tracks the automation line OFF position could have been different than the ACTIVE fader position, so when clicking R on a track like that I will lose my fader position forever, unless I have a really really good memory, which I don´t.

For example I turn ON automation on a track. I move the volume automation line to let´s say -6dB. Then I turn OFF the automation and just decide to use the fader. I move the fader let´s say -1,02dB, but the automation line will stay in -6dB in OFF state. So when I accidentally click R or the global R the fader will move back to -6dB and I´ll lose all my fader positions in the mix in tracks like that. :cry:

That is not normal behaviour.
The first option can fail with group tracks. The second option should work on all " truly empty" automation tracks. Altough, all the automation must be off before you apply the rule, because It won’t disable the read function.

Unfortunately this is normal behaviour. The track isn’t empty so the Project Logical Editor rules will enable the read.
So I’m afraid you have to manually scroll over all your automation as you don’t have earlier versions present.

Yep, so my mix is ruined.

UNDO would sure had been handy. One accidental click of a wrong button, no undo, no going back to previous save, mix ruined! :cry:

Why can´t Steinberg make UNDO for ALL moves?

I hear what you say! But in projects this size it’s always good to “Save New Version” (CTRL + ALT + S) so you can roll back to previous versions at any time.
What if you experienced a power failure in the middel of a save? All your hard work would be gone, while it could be prevented by pushing two extra buttons when saving!

I do use “Save New Version”, but the previous save is from a bit far away, I can´t remember what I´ve done since then.

But why can´t there be a save log anyways? Even with manual save. Or that freaking UNDO! Seriously, I need UNDO all moves, not “undo some moves”!

Yeah, I know I know, user error, never Steinberg´s fault. :unamused:

How do you ever want to blame Steinberg?

  • You don’t use Auto Save.
  • You don’t make regular backups.
  • You don’t make enough saves ‘as new’.

You say your mix is ruined, but surely it’s still possible for you to reset the automation status manually for each track you want it on??
…it may take a while but at least you have that option.

If not then I find the best thing in these circumstances is to convince myself that it’s a golden opportunity to improve on my previous mix!

At the end of the day, regardless of missing features in the software, it’s your choice how much value you place on your work.
Use all the options you already have available to protect it as best you can!