Halion 2 to Halion 4 Upgrade price please

Hi, still no upgrade price for us people with Halion 2 then.


Why do you autmatically assume there would or should be a path? Halion 2 is now ancient! The upgrade path (as for any of us) was to upgrade from 2 to 3 and now 4 is out go from 3 to 4. It is not Steinberg’s fault you missed the boat on the last upgrade - and it is not as if you didn’t have enough time! Hal 3’s been out for donkey’s years!

You could save yourself a lot of hassle though and just go out and buy HALion 4 when it’s available in your country!

I see you are quite disrespectful of anyone who may have helped support a product when it first came out.
I expect you use it now.

Ever thought that some people may have been out of work and broke so they couldn’t afford the update then.

I hope you never try to promote a product yourself as from your quote i don’t think you will get much support.

[quote=“Tech-dance”]Why do you autmatically assume there would or should be a path? Halion 2 is now ancient!

As i was one of the first to buy Halion 1 and Halion 2 i don’t think it should be any different from the upgrade for Halion 3 owners.

I still had to pay the initial price to buy the product in the first place.
It’s not as if i got it for FREE and my support of the initial product should be respected.

The upgrade from Cubase 4 to Cubase 6 is not TOO much either ( which i have done, but need to move house & buy new PC before i register it).

After all the upgrades for Native Instruments Komplete 7 and other Companies products don’t cost a lot.

What do the rest of you think?


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I completely agree. I have been waiting a long while for Halion 4 to arrive and assumed there would be an upgrade path for Halion 2 users. In the period since I have regularly upgraded to latest Cubase versions and bought other Steinberg products. I have often been an early adopter of Steinberg products since the first Atari days. In some cases that support has even resulted in my losing money, for instance in hardware that lost support moving over to PCs. I find it strange that Steinberg have not immediately offered an upgrade to all earlier Halion adopters. Having spent thousands of pounds over the years with them I find it to be pretty mean in this instance to so limit the upgrade. I hope they will take a look at this.

I purchased HALion 1 and 2 many years ago. When Gigastudio died, I attempted to translate my extensive Giga sample library using the HALion 3 demo that came with Cubase 4. It did not go well and I did not purchase HALion 3. Also, there were a limited amount of developers creating for the HALion platform. It seemed like a dead product. I am a registered owner of Cubase 6, Wavelab 7, HSO 2, Virtual Guitarist 2 and The Grand 3. Since Yamaha came on board, everything is better- upgrade prices and options, customer service, product stability, innovations.
Steinberg will do the right thing and allow upgrades from from HALion 2. It makes good business sense to win back customers and get them into the fold for the future. The situation with The Grand was very similar and Steinberg did the right thing and now I am a very happy customer. Thank you David Miner at Yamaha Canada. Top drawer!!

Unfortunately there are a lot of people around with this kind of attitude. This is why Steinberg, like other companies, feel they can do whatever they want with upgrades for new products and support for old ones.
I have Groove Agent 2 and I can’t upgrade to Groove Agent 3 anymore - upgrade no longer available! I have Halion 3 and to be honest I don’t think I will upgrade to 4. Over the years I have realized that hardware outboards are a much better investment. I own Nuendo5 (upgrads from cubase sx-4-N4), Wavelab7 (updrades from5-6), GrooveAgent2, VirtualBassist, VirtualGuitarist, D’Cota, Halion3, Hlion Orchestra (16bit version). I believe I have been a very good customer but Mr. Steinberg doesn’t care if I can’t upgrade my GrooveAgent to 3. They want me to pay the full price now because I waited to long to upgrade. Well, I am very happy with Steinberg products but before I spend another pound with them I will need a very good reason.
I don’t think there will be any upgrade from H2 to H4 guys, sorry.


Customers who want to upgrade from Halion 2 --> Halion 4 should contact our support departments directly, so we can send the upgrade details directly.



I am glad Chris proved me wrong on this.

Thanks Chris.
I will be in contact with them a.s.a.p


Mike001 :smiley:

Thanks Chris for your reply here. I shall be getting mine too ASAP. I spoke with Steinberg tech support as asked. The issue with upgrading from Halion2 has to do with the change in copy protection since then. They asked for an email from me so they could reply with instructions on how to go about the upgrading process to H4. All good news as far as I am concerned. Thanks Steinberg for the support!

Just to let everyone else know about the upgrade.
I have posted my original Halion 2 disk to Germany as requested by Steinberg to

Technical Support Department
Steinberg Media Technologies GmbH
Technischer Support
Frankenstr. 18b
20097 Hamburg
& am now awaiting the authorisation to be able to buy Halion 4.

Looking forward to getting Halion 4 soon.



What is the upgrade price - is it the same as 3 to 4?

Yes, it is the same price.

This is basically correct but please contact support first of all! Only after we sent the document that needs to be enclosed, we can accept the delivery.

So can I sell my Halion 2 license so that somebody can upgrade it to Halion 4 that couldn’t afford it otherwise?

No, you have to return all discs to us and in general, updates always require the old license to be valid. Otherwise it wouldn’t be an update anymore.

Of course, that goes without saying. Is there anything invalid about the license I have for Halion 2 in my account, I also only have the install disc for one of them - would that be okay to send that?

Not sure what you mean with “one of them” but please contact support using the support request form and we will send you all the info needed incl. the document you need to enclose with the discs.

I meant I have only have one install disk in my posession for the two licenses for Halion 2 I have in my account. No library disks, just one install disk.

I have contacted support anyway, I’ll keep y’all posted of any developments. :slight_smile:

We can only provide you with activation codes for HALion disc sets you sent. If you do not have the second installer disc, you will only get one activation code.