Halion 4 Update / Upgrade

Hello, I bought in February 2011 halion sonic. my time to ask for a Steinberg HALion 4 were not able to answer. now it will be released soon but probably … :confused:

It would be very nice if it would be an update for users of sonic halion to give halion 4 … :unamused:

please, please steinberg !! :smiley:



Hey, i read the following information at heise.de: ( heise.de is a serios website for me ! )

"Owners of HALion HALion 3 and Sonic have the opportunity to HALion 4 for about 100 € purchase.

Besitzer von HALion 3 und HALion Sonic haben die Möglichkeit, HALion 4 für rund 100 Euro zu erwerben."

very, very GREAT !! :mrgreen:

please check this link:


“Owners of HALion HALion 3 and Sonic have the opportunity to HALion 4 for about 100 € purchase.”

Y E S S S S S S S S S ! ! ! :smiley:

Wow, I was just beginning to regret my HalionSonic purchase. If it is true that I can upgrade to H4 for $100, I am going to be one happy Steinberg fanboi.

Heise will have not made ​​up. I am convinced that this is a ( at the moment inofficial ) statement from Steinberg. Maybe it will but also 120 €. :mrgreen:

I think the secrecy of Steinberg strange. Others report specifically about it already, Steinberg makes of it still secret. :open_mouth:

Hi everybody,

Actually there is no secrecy about it. There will definitely be an update from HALion 3 and an upgrade from HALion Sonic for just EUR 99 (including Tax). And considering all the functionality you get with HALion 4 its a really nice deal.


Finally a real statement! Thank you. The price is fair.

Something else: It would be nice to know this information first with steinberg … :mrgreen:

I have Halion Sonic EDU, is it still possible to benefit with this upgrade? :slight_smile:

is it still possible to benefit with this upgrade?

yes, it’s like Cubase, Wavelab …

How much is the upgrade from Halion 2.

Great to hear about the update from Halion Sonic to Halion 4!!! Halion 4 looks like a beast of a sampler and sound designing powerhouse and it’s integration with Cubase is of chief interest to me since I just upgraded to Cubase 6. Thaswasup!!!

This is really on the right track. :mrgreen:

I upgraded to the full version of HALionSonic :sunglasses: shortly after obtaining C6. I hope this is really gonna play out as stated here.


I’d like to know this too please…

The 99 euro upgrade price is nice, I will upgrade from Halion 3.

I recently purchased Cubase 6 that comes with Halion Sonic SE. Will there be any compensation or will I have to pay the full price?

hi, i think halion sonic se is a time limited version, not the halion sonic full version

the update-price is for halion sonic, not for se :mrgreen:

here: http://www.steinberg.net/de/shop/accessories/permanente_lizenzen_fuer_trials.html

you can by the halion sonic code for the c6- Version … 199,00 €

I don’t think Halion Sonic SE is time limited, but it’s not as good as Halion Sonic. My Cubase 6 came with a Halion Sonic demo disc set, AKA the full version without a permanent license. In any case, I see, I’ll have to purchase Halion 4 standalone, which should be $250 am I correct?

EDIT: My price estimate is very low isn’t it? I checked on Google and apparently it will cost even more than Halion Sonic, which is $250. What is the actual price?

Hi everybody,

The retail version of HALion 4 will be sold for EUR349. Currently we are discussing the update from HALion 2 and I am sure that we will find a solution.